Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Purpose of the fasttwitchmind site

The purpose of this site is to offer opinion and insight on various subjects, pertaining our lives from past, present and future. This is not about my passionate feeling for the sport of triathlon, but for my passionate feeling for life in general. Yes, there will be a sports section and yes there will be information about triathlon, However, there will be no training recommendations, bike fitting recommendations, not how do I stay married and be a tri-geek, etc. It will be my goal not to mimic any other group or forum on the net and attempt to offer timely opinions and philosophies concerning all that we do in life. Subjects that will be covered, but not limited to are as follows: sports, history, philosophy, psychology, mind management, to do list, moving out of the comfort zone for success, editorial, current news, military, education, and on and on! A good example of what you can expect concerns two articles that were in the sports section of the Lubbock avalanche Journal this morning. The subject is not about the accomplishments of two athletes but the dichotomy example these two stories gave. The first concerned a football player on the front page of the sports section, a starter on the defensive squad, from Texas Tech. He was arrested in Rockwall, Texas and charged with forgery of a financial instrument, according to a Rockwall County Jail spokesman. In addition to that the accused was there to attend a hearing on a motion to revoke his probation from another charge. The other story buried deep on the lower right hand corner of page 6, in the same sports section, related to the arrest of a Lady Baylor Bear team member of the 2004 National Championship Lady Bears basketball team. This team member was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana following a traffic stop. Now for the rest of the story. In the case of the football player, Head Coach Mike Leach offers the following statement, "Vincent made some bad decisions on his part and was also a victim of some bad circumstances created by other people." Leach declined to elaborate, but did say that he expected Vincent to return to the team shortly. THERE WAS NO INDICATION THAT HE FACES TEAM DISCIPLINARY ACTION. In the case of the lady basketball player, Coach Kim Mulkey-Robertson said Jones was dismissed from the team for violating team rules. She further states, "Never in all my coaching have I had to deal with something like this." "I HAVE A STRONG POLICY WITH OUR BASKETBALL TEAM REGARDING COMPROMISING THE INEGRITY OF OUR PROGRAM AND THE UNIVERSITY." WOW!! what a difference of philosophy within the two schools and coaches. Rock on Coach Mulkey-Robertson, shame on you Coach Leach.


Blogger martigreer said...

Great comments! I agree completely with the need for integrity. Having been on the women's side of collegiate athletics myself-the higher standards have always been inforced for women and possibly ignored on the side of talent for men.

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