Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Well it is that time of year where many people decide to do the New Year resolutions, and then watch the year go by without any of them being accomplished.  While I have never been one to do the resolution thing per se, I have always used December to reflect on the business year I have had, and also throw in the personal stuff if I think  needs to be worked on(and it usually does)!  Also included is my sport athletic stuff that I have always had in my life, i.e. football, track, handball, marathon running, and now as I venture into the twilight of my life I am doing some different type of planning or goal setting.  From a triathlon standpoint my goal is to finish 10 sprint triathlons for a grand total of 391 lifetime finishes.  My ultimate goal is to finish 400 before my 80th birthday on December 16, 2018.  So, staying in good health and injury free is the order of the day!! From a business standpoint I am working on some new projects to expand the income possibility for the household, and to plan new activities within the existing multi-sport business.  My completely new venture will be created in the city of Lubbock and will be a complete sports and nutrition expo that will involved all sports related companies in Lubbock.  This has never been done before and initially the enthusiasm for it has been very good.  In the multi-sport business there is a proposal to add three more events to the established agenda.  In my book writing section of my life goals I have three outlines ready and hope to have those books ready for printing by the end of the year.  In all honesty I will confess that I have used the points made by the great author John Maxwell on planning for the new year.  He has sold over 24 million books and specializes in leadership “laws” of the universe and does it well.  Okay, let’s get moving and make 2017 the greatest year ever!

Movie Reviews:

“Why Him?”, **, Possibly this movie deserves a better rating but it didn’t to me.  While it had some potential, it really had too much bad language in it and could have been done much better.  This is a comedy love story and has its’ funny and good points to team up with the bad parts.  It is a Christmas time movie finding the overprotecting father and mother being invited to their daughter’s in California.  The father is played by Bryan Cranston and the daughter by Zoey Deutch.  When they arrive they are met with their unexpected nightmare being the daughter’s boyfriend, played by James Franco.  Even though he is a billionaire he has a free-wheeling attitude and salty language to go with it.  Then when the loving, over protective father learns that the billionaire plans on proposing, the story really gets hot!  Rated R:  Strong language and sexual material.

“Fences”, *****, This is my first five star of the year and is a very good movie, needless to say.  It stars Denzel Washington as a garbage collector in Pittsburgh during the 50’s!  Viola Davis plays his wife, while Mykelti Williamson plays his brother and Stephen Henderson his longtime friend.  This is like a one act play with no intermission, about the lives of  black Americans in Pittsburgh involving family, love, and one man’s misunderstanding, plus denial of age and lost dreams.  Great acting and for sure an award winner when the Oscar’s come around!!  Rated PG-13:  Thematic elements, language and some suggestive elements. 

“Collateral Beauty”,  *****,  This is another five star movie with a great story line and great acting.  Will Smith plays a successful New York advertising executive who suffers a great tragedy and retreats from his life.  While his concerned friends try to connect with him over his loss he makes it impossible to returned the friendship and care.  When he sends 3 letters addressed to Love, Time and Death, he receives unexpected responses and he begins to pull in the dynamics of what is happening around him.  It has a surprising positive ending!  Go see!  Rated PG-13:  Thematic elements and strong language. 

EA, SH.........:)!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Everybody Loves A Winner, Movie Reviews

Well life is short and so are winning football teams, especially when they are part of the neighborhood almost 7 days of the week.  There use to be one game on Sunday in the pros, one game on Saturday in college and in high school Friday night lights became famous in West Texas.  Now, in 2016, we have nearly 7 days a week of football all combined.  The high schools still own Friday night, except for the playoffs on the journey for the State Championship.  Since I have been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys(funny thought, even though they played their early games in Dallas, Irving and Arlington, Texas are really considered their homes). Since 1960 I have seen some very interesting football.  My loyalty stayed with them as my pro team to watch, cuss, clap or jump up and down over.  With college teamsI have been a Texas Tech fan since I was 10 but when choosing my college to play college football for, it was the University of Houston.  Even though I was offered a one year scholarship to Tech I found the 5 year deal to U of H much better, plus I was able to “get away” and see what the rest of the world offered. Then to complicate my loyalty even more I transferred to UT-Arlington(Arlington State College) and played three years after 2 years at Houston.  But, Arlington dropped football many years after I graduated, and has never resurrected it.  When it comes to High School I still like to watch my High School team, the Littlefield Wildcats. 

 Now to my point!  I have found as I have aged that I do not enjoy getting upset with one of my teams for losing, nor do I like the mood it puts me in, so I adopted a new policy on these matters a few years ago.  Here goes, my new policy became very simple, if my old traditional teams started losing or playing bad I just looked around and found a winner I could enjoy.  That turned into a win, win.  Example, the Dallas Cowboys, after winning 5 super bowls in their early history, went on a downward slide.  This became very frustrating to me so I adopted the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots as my pro favorites.  They have won recent Super Bowls and make me happier after a game.  In college I have done the same.  Texas Tech is my home team but lets‘ me down nearly every year so I always have the U of Houston to fall back on.  In High School my old High School wins consistently so I watch them, plus I have a few other teams I watch.  Bottom line here is that I always have a winner going with this system!  I recommend it for everyone!

Movie Reviews:

“Allied” ***** This is an excellent movie with very good acting and a great story line.  Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard offer great performances, as a team of undercover agents during the War.  While they are not representing the same countries they are teamed together for one mission.  This is a movie of love, intrigue and surprising ending.  The plot is well done but the story line becomes very interesting to the point of the audience figuring out what the conclusion will be.  Be prepared to wonder or even guess within yourself how it will end!  Rated R: Violence, sexuality/nudity, language and drug use.

“Arrival”, *, What a waste of great acting by Amy Adams and the other actors.  This is supposed to be a sci-fi movie about aliens who come to earth and have a problem communicating with the earthlings.  There seemed to be some confusion on why they were here and what they planned to do.  Adams is a language authority who is hired to figure out exactly what is on their mind.  From that point on it never made any sense and wondered around in never never land of nothingness.  I would not waste my money on this movie!  Rated PG-13 Strong language!

“Bad Santa 2”, *,  A sequel of sorts to Bad Santa, starring Billy Bob Thorton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox(Shorty), and teenager Brett Kelly.  The weak story line is similar to Santa 1 in that this motley crew, using the Santa Claus cover, is planning on stealing a large sum of money from a non-profit organization that raises money for kids.  The early one liners are disgustingly funny but it tapers off from there.  Some of the scenes are beyond reproach in crudeness, and only the actors saved it from a complete walk out before the less than intriguing ending.  Hoping that no parents took their kids to this disaster and hope even more there is no Santa 3!  Rated R+, Language, sexual content, and violence.  

“Bleed For This”, ****, One of the best true professional fight movies I have seen.  This is the story of Vinny Pazienza(The Pazmanian Devil) played by Miles Teller who after winning two World Boxing titles is in a terrible auto wreck.  While breaking his neck he is told he may never walk again, much less fight again.  But with supreme desire to return to boxing he asks for training help from one of the best trainers in the business.  Step by step he works his way back and is able to regain the title.  This is a very enjoyable fight movie and one that exemplifies determination and ability to make the body do something the experts said couldn’t be one.  R:  Language, sexuality/nudity and some accident images.  

“Hacksaw Ridge”, *****, This is a true, great war movie directed by Mel Gibson and starring Andrew Garfield as patriotic and courageous Army medic Desmond Doss. Due to his desire to save lives and in spite of his religious beliefs,  Doss volunteered for combat service in the US Army during WW II. However, he refused to carry a gun into combat, again based on his religious beliefs.  As a medic his goal was to save lives instead of take them.  Due to his courageous actions to save his injured fellow soldiers during battle, he was later awarded the Medal of Honor.  Rated: Graphic war violence including grisly bloody images.  

EA, SH.......:)!


Monday, November 14, 2016

The Cliff and The Donald, Movie Reviews

There is so much to write about I don’t know where to start; however, since I have already started I think that is promising.  Since, I am in a funk mood I was afraid that too much negative vibes would result.  In that case I will get into  my first set of thoughts and they are really trivial, Texas Tech football or lack thereof!  Since I have been watching football at Tech for the past 67 years I consider myself some kind of authority and have a right to speak my mind.  Bottom line here is they have only won 4 games and lost 6.  The likely hood is they will lose the remaining two games, unless something drastic happens.  My assessment is a simple one, the overpaid($3.1 million)  head coach is way over paid and really is just a glorified quarterback coach.  He coaches like one and the results proves it.  He does not function as a head coach should(i.e. Lou Saban is a real head coach), and the losing results proves it.  He has some good players, they are just mis-managed.  Then there is the over paid defensive coordinator($1.1 million) who directs the worst defensive team in college football at a 127th rank for the nations college football programs.  The defense does not tackle well when they get the opportunity, and does not defend well against the pass and receives too many penalties.  While the passing offense is the top in the nation it just does not score when really needed and bone head mistakes always get in the way.  This past Saturday the game could have been won by making two points in the closing seconds, but instead they went for a kick extra point and it was mis-handled and missed.  With less seconds left Tech tried an on-side kick and flubbed it.  Woe is me, game lost at 45-44.  Then to add insult to injury the head coach of Oklahoma State had a post game discussion with the starting quarterback of Texas Tech, and encouraged him to go for the pro draft and if he needed an agent he knew plenty of them.  First time I ever heard of such a thing and had to be on the opposite side of ethical.  

Now that I have the Tech loss out of my system I will now move to more important items, like the national election that provided the USA with a new president elect from the private sector.  Yes folks we actually have the first ever, real private sector president.  All previous presidents were either career politicians or generals in the armed forces.  The closest thing to a non-politician was Ronald Reagan or maybe Jimmy Carter, but they were both governors.  The most experienced politician to ever be elected has always been rated the worst, that being James Buchanan with 37 years of political experience.  While I think it will be interesting to see how this all pans out for the future of the USA the election of the Donald is not without extreme controversy and remorse from the political scene.  While my vote did not go to the Donald or Hillary I would guess he is my second choice, and the threat that if you didn’t vote for Mr. Trump you voted for Ms. Hillary was not valid.  My feeling on voting is that it is a very personal matter and the folks who go with a party come hell or high water has always confused me.  I have never been a member of any party and never will be.  The two party system is way broke along with the very old electoral college.  But, it would appear that in my life time these items will always be status quo and I will stay frustrated over it.  

What I will say is that I am behind our new President Elect 100%,  and only hope that he can do at least half of what he has promised, “to make America great again!”

Movie Reviews:  

“Captain Fantastic”, *****,  This was a paid for on TV movie that really turned into a very good choice.  Filmed in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father and mother devoted to raising their six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to leave their paradise and enter the world, that challenges their ideas of what it means to be a parent.  Since the mother dies in the very beginning of the movie, that brings on many more challenges in the story line.  Stars: Viggo Mortensen, George Mackay, Samantha Isler,  Rated PG-13-some language and dangerous athlete challenges.

“The Accountant”, ****, Ben Affleck stars as Christian Wolff a mathematics savant with more affinity for numbers than people.  This is also magnified with the fact he is autistic, but able to live his own life.  He becomes a free lance accountant for dangerous criminal organizations.  The FBI decides to nail him and J.K. Simmons plays the head investigator and the action gathers more action and suspense.  Rated R:  Violence and language.  

“Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”, ***, Tom Cruise comes back to play the roving ex-military police major.  He travels light and hitch hikes for his transportation.  Since he  decides where his services are needed he decides that a good looking Army major is being framed and he needs to save the day for her.  She has been charged with espionage and Reacher does not buy it.  So he comes to her rescue with great action and the ability to win the fight, no matter the opposition.  Rated PG-13:  Violence/action, bloody images, language and thematic elements. 

EA, SH.........:)!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mumble Jumble, Movie Reviews

As the years roll by it seems as though the rolling speed increases.  When I wake up it is January, new year, then the next thing I know it is June, mid year, then my next birthday is on December 16, XXXX, and I am another year older.  So, 2016 has skipped along just like all the rest except I am convinced it went by quicker than any before.  The good news is everything is fine and my athletic goal of 10 triathlon sprints was achieved and the grand total now of 381 scoots me closer to the magic 400 before I turn 80.  This years 10 events didn’t come easy and had some challenges, i.e. bike crash with broken clavicle requiring surgery and I only had 2 tri’s done at that time. Fast healing and being in good shape before the crash really helped me to complete the year healthy and the goal number of 10 achieved.  For the balance of the year I will work on my running and be ready for another 10 in 2017 with the season starting in March, 2017!  

This year was my 23rd visit to the Big Island of Hawaii to volunteer for the Ironman Triathlon World Championship.  Even though I have had the opportunity to do the race, as an athlete, two times, I now go as a volunteer moto driver for the 112 mile bicycle course.  Since I carry the most professional and great official, Candy, it gives me a thrill to be on the course with her and the best triathletes in the world.  

This time of year also means football season is here in full bloom.  Since I live in the city that is home to the Texas Tech Red Raiders I am a big fan of their football team.  The problem is they are not playing very well and I believe their head coach is just not going to get it done.  He was a great college quarterback and great man, but I just do not believe that a head coach who thinks like a quarterback will ever get the job done in the Big 12 conference.  The team was not prepared and made some very stupid mistakes, like stupid as stupid does.  At the same time my football team that I actually played for on a full football scholarship, the University of Houston, is doing well and has only lost one game.  They are playing well and could well win the conference and go to a meaningful bowl game.  They do not play the Raiders this year but I think they a scheduled for 2017!  The Red and Gray U of H hoodie looks great!!

Movie Reviews:

“Deepwater Horizon” ****, A true story about the off shore oil well disaster that came from the corporate greed for more profits.  The safety of the men and equipment was forgotten as the corporate profit mongers reduced budgets and forgot about providing a safe work place.  While we all know that Hollywood had to put their mark on this type of movie, I feel it was well presented with great acting.  Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Gina Rodriguez and Brad Leland are among those delivering great acting, while John Malkovich presents the greedy villain from the corporate office.  Later criminal charges were filed against the BP oil drilling company and $15 billion fines were charged to the company!  Rated PG-13: Disaster sequences and disturbing images, and strong language.

“Hell or High Water”,  ***, The is a good movie but has a real slow start.  But once it gets going it turns out to be worth watching.  It involves two brothers, one a good guy and one a bad guy.  So, they team up to rob the banks that have foreclosed on their mother’s property.  They were stealing just enough to cover the debts and no more, so I guess you would say, honor among thieves was the theme.  Chris Pine and Ben Foster played the brothers while Jeff Bridges played the retiring Texas Ranger who ultimately figured out who was robbing the banks, and then made the arrests.  Rated R: Violence, language throughout and brief sexuality.

“The Magnificent Seven”, ****,  This is a remake of the original western with Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen about a bad guy who gains control of a small western town.   In the  new version Denzel Washington plays a bounty hunter who is hired by the town folks to rid them of the villain’s.  He puts together the new magnificent seven made up of good guy/bad guy type folks.  While I do remember seeing the original I can’t remember enough to actually compare it, but I do know it is a good movie and enjoyable to watch.  Rated:  PG-13 Western violence and for historical smoking, language and suggestive material.


SH, EA.....:)!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Change of Seasons, Movie Review

The change of seasons is something that I really like and enjoy especially  when it moves from winter to spring, then summer.  The cold is something I can get tired of very easy and look forward to the warmer climate.  Fact is I can remember in the winter when I was saying to myself, “self” I will be glad when we have 100 degree days.  So, the change from cold to hot cannot come soon enough for me.  Then when it gets to the 100 plus days I am still enjoying it, and never wish for the cold days of winter.  Part of my desire for the warmth has to do with me love for receiving the sun rays and getting as much Vit D as possible.  While the seasons have always been very distinctive in West Texas with little doubt that winter has become summer, the move from summer to winter is somewhat different.  Also, over the years the seasons have changed to the point that the first freeze of the year is nearly 30 days later than when I was a kid.  That is to my liking since I can still get some sun rays a little longer in the year.  Going to climates that do not seem to change with seasons is very different that the climates that do change.  Since I have been to Hawaii a number of times I notice that their season changes are hardly recognizable!  It seems to be in the 80’s and humid all the time, including at night time.  There is never an extreme temperature drop or rise, so I think it would be very different to live in this type of climate.  Plus, what would you do with all the winter clothing that is not needed now.  As I get off of the airplane on the Big Island it feels the same each time.  While I have left a changed season in West Texas I notice there there is no change in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  In conclusion my observations are, change is good, no matter what the application is.  So, I think that seasonal change is good and offers some form of variance in our daily lives.  Instead of wearing shorts outside I will be wearing long pants, long sleeves and possibly a hat.  Then when the real cold moves in I add layers and big coat to stay warm when I go outside.  Now I have chills just thinking of it, so I believe I will get off of the subject and think about something else and hope I have some sun today.  Good day!!

Movie Reviews:

“Blood Father”, *, A very bad movie even though it had the return of Mel Gibson as an ex-convict trying to be a good father and save his daughter from the bad guys.  Gibson was sort of put on a do not hire list after some domestic violence within his real family.  This movie wasn’t that strong in script or messages, except bad ones!  Rated R-strong violence, language and drug use.

“The Legend of Tarzan”,  *****,  This was a very good movie and like no other Tarzan movie of the past.  The movie starts with Tarzan(John Clayton, Earl of Greystoke) settled out of the jungle and settled at home with Lady Jane.  Samuel L. Jackson plays the part of the good guy trying to eliminate slavery in the jungle and be rid of the slave trading villain played by Christoph Waltz.  He convinces Tarzan that he is the only one that can get this done.  Great script, great acting and a whole new look at Tarzan.  Rated PG-13-Action and violence, sensuality and rude dialogue.

“Jason Bourne”, *****, Another very good action movie staring Matt Damon as on the run Jason Bourne.  He is still underground and now being pursued by CIA Director played by Tommy Lee Jones.  A lot of action and Damon does a great job of staying undercover and on the go.  Rated PG-13-Intense violent action, strong language, guns, weapons and hand to hand violence in action context, with some blood.

“Hillary’s America:  The Secret History of the Democratic Party”, ***,  This is a documentary by Dinesh D’Souza who looks at the 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the history of the Democratic Party, in January 2014.  Regardless of how one feels about Hillary, this is a movie presenting facts and is not for entertainment.  Read the review and go based on the fact it is not a flattering documentary of this candidate for the President of the United States.  Rated PG-13 Violence, thematic elements and smoking. 

“Suicide Squad”, ***, Because of Will Smith this was better than I thought it would be. The story is based on a world crisis and the only people than can possibly save it is made up of imprisoned super-villains and offering them clemency in return for their willingness to risk their lives to save the world.  Of course there is all kinds of double crossing and lots of action.  Rated PG-13 for violence and action, disturbing behavior, suggestive content and language.  

“War Dogs”, ***, This movie started slow, but pulled itself up as it progressed.  Two young friends played by Jonah Hill and Miles Teller exploit a little known government initiative allowing small businesses to bid on U.S. military contracts.  Starting small, they eventually risk their lives when they land a $300 million deal to arm the Afghan military.  This was a true story.  Rated R-language, drug use and sexual references. 

EA, SH.......:)!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Over Serviced, Movie Reviews

To make things simple I was sent to the Super Wal Mart to pick up two flower pots, that were purchased online.  So, they were paid for, set aside and ready to be picked up!  NOT!  These were two items that would ordinarily be in the garden department, but since they were already bought and paid for online they were in the “pick up orders” department away from the garden.  So, after receiving instructions on where to go, and was assured by the head guy in the garden department that if my items were not ready for pick up I could come back and he would get them for me since he had them sitting on the shelf(he pointed them out to me).  So, I was assured that I would get them one way or the other!  After arriving at the “pick up orders” department I found that there was no one there, so I waited patiently and then in about 5 minutes someone did come and ask me if I could be helped.  I explained what I was there for and showed him my receipts, etc.  He said please wait a few minutes since he was waiting on someone else.  So, I waited another 10 minutes and a completely different guy came up and ask if he could help me.  I explained to him what I needed and he disappeared as he said, “I will take care of it!”  Some 10 minutes later another completely different guy came up and ask if he could help me!  Of course I gave him the same story again and he said he would take care of it as he disappeared behind closed doors.  As I was waiting another 10 minutes another completely different guy came up and guess what he said, yep you got it, “he ask if he could help me!”  By now my voice is being raised as I tell him the same story and I add that these pots are available in the garden department and I can go back there and get them!  He advises me that the computer will not allow them to take any items out of inventory from one department to another, but assures me he will take care of it, as he leaves the room.  Now about another 10 minutes a nice young man comes on the scene and asks, “can I help you?”  Wow, have I heard this before?  So, I tell him what I am there for and he says I will take care of it.  So, he opens one of the doors, sticks his arm inside the other room and comes back with my two items.  I thank him profusely and tell him he got done what four others couldn’t He just stared at me with no expression as to say, what is the big deal?  After 40 minutes of waiting for my items that were right there behind the door, I concluded that I had been controlled by the computer again!!  As I left I noticed that all five of my guys were standing outside this “pick up orders” room in their snappy Wal Mart uniforms looking like they really did not know what was going on.  In the mean time here is the largest retail company of its’ kind in the world, with five employees being paid to wait on one person five times.  Just doesn’t make sense to me, but I will say the flower pots are looking good in the back yard and this is a true story!!

Movie Reviews,Note:  There are not many reviews this time because there are really not that many decent movies showing this time of year.

“Free State of Jones”, ***,  While they tried to make this into some kind of epic, I feel they failed miserably.  While the acting of Matthew McConaughey as Mississippi farmer Newton Knight was excellent it was not enough to elevate this movie.  While the movie is a true story taking place during and after the Civil War, the real story revolves around Mr. Knight  deserting his position with the Confederate Army, and creating his own small group of turn coats(including white, black, slaves and freed slaves).  He incorporates it within the Free State of Jones County and makes his point to the Union, with very little resources.  When creating this new state within Mississippi he proclaimed that “no man ought to stay poor so another man can get rich,” referring of course to the rich plantation owners.  Rated R:  Brutal battle scenes and disturbing graphic images(lots of blood)!

“Central Intelligence”, *, One of the worst movies I have seen this year and not worthy of anymore than the one star.  Dwyane Johnson and Kevin Hart are wasted and should not be worthy of a pay check.  The early part of the story has to do with their high school days and then evolves into their adult life and Johnson as a CIA person and Hart as a business manager.  It was a poor story line and really stupid, mainly showing off the muscles of Johnson and the poor story line and script.  Rated PG-13 for crude and suggestive humor, nudity, action violence and strong language.

“The Lobster”,**,  This is a very strange movie staring a very strange actor, Colin Farrell. As a recently divorced person Mr. Farrell enrolls himself into The Hotel where he is informed he must find a new mate within 45 days or he will be transformed into his choice of animal and released.  His choice is to be a lobster because he feels they live good lives and have great intellect.  So, without going into anymore completely off the wall description of the movie, I suggest you pull up the complete synopsis of the movie before buying a ticket.  Rated R, sexual content, including dialogue, and violence. 

EA, SH...........:)!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Life Stuff

It is amazing how much there is to learn in this life time, so no wonder that we must live numerous lives to get it all done.  While I know the philosophy of multiple lives is not always believed by many, I do believe it with all my heart and soul.  As I am around people who have tremendous wisdom, knowledge and ability to adjust to our society I am sure this was learned by experiencing multiple lives.  These folks are commonly referred to as “old” souls by people like me who believe in this philosophy.  As I look back over my past 77 years I noticed that there are many new and different things that have come into my life, i.e. radio,  television, manual typewriter, electric typewriter, fax machine, computer, cell phone, etc., etc.  As I have watched these “new” gizmos come to life I am amazed that I did not figure out some way to make a good living or become wealthy from them, since that has happened for many computer nerds.  But on the other hand I have watched some of my friends become wealthy simply because in a previous life they learned the principle of “discipline” and have been able to practice it to almost the point of perfection.  So, rather than a mechanical or electrical gadget they have used their God given brain to apply “discipline” to their lives for the utmost success.  As I survey this life I am sure that I have learned, and continue to learn, many principles of life that will guide me through the next life.  To me real success is measured by the satisfaction you feel in all your daily activities.  While I have found myself going through a complete inventory of my 77 years, I have been able to recognize my successes but also my failures and view both as opportunities to learn and carry forward to the next life.  So, bottom line here is that I want to keep myself physically fit and mentally fit to continue to learn for the future.  

Movie Reviews:  

“Equals”, ***, To my knowledge this movie did not make the Lubbock market; however, I was able to view it on pay TV.  It displays an advanced modern sci fi society without emotions.  If emotions do start to come out in an individual they are basically diagnosed as unfit and given some type of pill that ultimately brings on an early death or suicide.  Of course the story evolves around boy and girl who of course discover “feelings” for each other.  This is an extreme no-no(it did not cover how re-production was handled) and became the battle of how they would be able to be together and enjoy being in love! Rated PG, some passion scenes, but mostly a clean movie.

“Money Monster”, **, George Clooney accepts another pay check for doing nothing, as a star of a financial TV show, and Julia Roberts breaks the record for saying “g...d...., and doing very little acting.  The story is very light even though it had potential.  A young man loses all of his income, savings, etc., in an investment the Clooney character had recommend he buy.  So, he takes over the TV station and threatens to shoot everyone in site if justice is not done. Rated  R for language, sexuality and violence.

“The Lobster”, ***, A very strange movie that is hard to define as to what the message really is.  It concerns romance, marriage, re-incarnation, murder, and good acting.  Plus, the re-incarnation involves finding a marriage partner within a 45 day period or being killed and coming back in life as an animal of choice.  Colin Farrell plays the part of a man looking for a relationship but has already decided that if he has to die and come back, he would like to return as a lobster.  So, I will leave the rest of the story for the viewers to watch and determine if this is about the most bizarre movie you will see in a while.  Rated R for sexual content, including dialogue, and violence. 

“The Nice Guys”, **, Another movie with great stars, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as way out, far off private investigators and wasted.  With no real plot, that I could discover, they do slap stick comedy as two bit private investigators.  Basically a waste of money in my opinion.  Rated R for violence, sexuality, nudity, language and drug use.  

Book Review:

While I started with “Killing Patton”, by O’Reilly and finished it with great satisfaction, I then jumped into “Killing Lincoln” and  “Killing Jesus.”  These are very well done books and have great historical information surrounding the main plot.  I give them each five stars.

Now reading “The Boys in the Boat”, a true five star story concerning the sport of rowing that centers on the Olympic gold medal winners of the 1936 Olympic Games in Germany.  It is more than just a sports book and with over 300 pages it it well done and enjoyable to read. 

EA, SH.....:)!