Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bad Breath, Movie Review

There may be a thousand things that cause bad breath, and none of them are probably worth going into detail about. I know that dipping snuff causes bad breath, fact is one time a guy came up to me at a trade show and I immediately picked up the bad breath scent as he talked. Funny thing is as I tried to move away from him he would just keep getting closer as he talked. Finally after backing up nearly twenty feet I figured out a way to end this conversation. Alcohol, garlic, onions, and other food stuff also causes bad breath, not to mention bad oral hygiene. So, last night at the movies I was stuck beside a guy that had bad breath and no matter how much I moved around in my seat I could not prevent this stalking odor from entered my nostrils. The other bad thing is that there were no other seats available so I was really stuck. After paying $7.50 for the movie I sure didn’t want to give up the seat and miss a movie I was looking forward to seeing. The other bad thing about this particular bad breath is that it was caused from alcohol and I figured maybe the night before he hung a big one on and this breath was not only bad it was at least two days old. Now there is nothing worse than alcohol breath that is two days old. As I sit here and write this my mental power of suggestion is reviving the odor that hounded me for two hours last night during the movie. The other weird thing I noticed was that the lady next to me was just as close as the guy to the left of me and I didn’t notice her breath at all. All I noticed about her is that she seemed to make little comments or sighs all through the movie. During one sex scene(soft porn type scene) I noticed that she was very quiet and no movement at all, while the bad breath guy was omitting a steady stream of bad breath my way. I tried to discreetly cover up my nostrils so I wouldn’t have to take this in, but that didn’t work. I noticed that bad breath works in a very stealth way and no matter what, I could not offer any resistence to it penetrating my smell glands, if that is what they are called, and it was driving me crazy. The movie was good, but not so good that I had to go through this torture but I persisted to the bloody end. To take my mind off of the offensive odor I decided to come up with ways I could combat this in the future, 1. I could just get up and move to another seat if available or leave the movie and request a refund, 2. I could make sure I have breath mints or gum in my packet and offer it to the offender, 3. I could just politely explain to the offender that he/she has bad breath and I wish they would move to another seat, 4. As a defense mechanism I could go in with some real bad breath of my own and combat their bad breath with my bad breath, kind of a tit for tat type thing, or nanananana to you my friend, take my bad breath. Sounds like I have some good alternatives so I will prepare myself for the next crowded movie.

Movie Review: “The American”, *** George Clooney portrays Jack, an assassin and master craftsman. When a job in Sweden ends badly(meaning he shots his girl friend in the back of the head), Jack vows to his contact(Bruce Altman) that his next assignment will be his last. He hides in the Italian countryside and relishes being apart from death for a while(even though he never verbalizes this feeling except for making love with his favorite whore). Jack does surprise his feelings by making an odd friendship with a local priest(Paolo Bonacelli) and pursues romance with his whore(beautiful Violante Placido). Of course by stepping out a little of his shadows he not only tempts fate, he suffers the consequences. To me there were some holes in the movie that stripped it of the fourth star, since it was a well done movie and Clooney is great. Rated R for violence, sexual content(you mean the soft porn nude sexual scene, that was awesome!) and nudity.


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