Friday, September 24, 2010

Spelled Out, Movie Review

A few times I have probably mentioned that life has become just way too complicated and everything seems to revolve around the computer, i-phone, e-mail, text-mail, twitter, twatter, facebook, in-your face, and all that garbage. That is not to mention the fax machine, which still exists, typewriter(which doesn’t exist that I know of), ball point pin, #2 pencil, and smoke signals. Well there is another method of communicating that has now become sort of complicated, it is called talking to your pets by having to spell words so as not to upset them or get them all hyper. Buffman & Squeaky have reached that mentality that is driving me nuts. While the Boston Terrier is considered to be one smart breed of dogs ole Buffman(9rs), and Squeaky(4yrs) have now exceeded that by learning the English language to such a point that we are now having to spell things out so they do not get too excited about what is fixing to happen. Case in point, if we happen to slip and say we are going some where(which doesn’t matter where, just saying GO OR GOING seems to be the key word) then they start barking, jumping, chewing, and grabbing the leash so they can GO. Then if they are not going we have to go through the explanations of why they are not going and then give them a cookie(dog bone). The bad part about this is they could be conning us to get the cookie, but on the other hand we always give them one when we leave without them. So, now we have started spelling everything. So, we can’t use the words, running, walking, going, playing, riding the motorcycle, going to town, going to a movie, without spelling it out. Right now that is working but it will not be long before they figure it out. Oh, I forgot, you can’t open the drawer where the leashes are unless you want two Boston’s licking and leaping all over your legs raving to GO!! I am thinking the next step might be sign language, but by some of the expressions on Buffs face I know he will figure that one out real quick. This dog can look at you with the most, what in the hell is this human thinking expressions I have ever seen. In the mornings he will give me his good morning look by standing on the arm of the chair over my lap, turns his head for a slight minute staring right into my eyes. He then turns his head the other way, and steps down. Like, well I have done my duty to this dude called master, and now to get on with my day of sleeping, barking, pooping, peeing, eating, and licking. On the other hand Squeaky just looks at me with a dead pain look of, “why bother?”, I am going to just do my thing, sleep, bark, poop, pee, eat and lick when I want to. For me, I will GO(spelled out) and DO(spelled out) my thing for the day wondering what challenges they have in store for me upon my return.

Movie Review: “Get Low”, *****, What a movie!! This truly an actors movie, with a great story, great set, and great acting through out. Robert Duvall sets the bar so high with his performance as 40-year hermit Felix Bush that he will be impossible to forget when Academy Award nominations arrive next year. The mystery of why bushy(you will see what I am referring to) Felix Bush became a hermit is the story, and then how the movie got its’ name Get Low will also be told. Great acting by Spacek and Bill Murray. Rated PG-13 for some thematic material and brief violent content.


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