Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hope, Movie Review

A  daily habit of mine is to read the newspaper early in the morning right after it has been delivered.  That way it is still news and fresh off of the press, so to speak.  While I know I could have read the same news on the internet the night before it just isn’t the same.  I like the feel of paper and rubbing the black print off my fingers after I finish reading the entire contents.   Since there is always lots of death and destruction in the paper I like to skim that stuff(why do I want to read about a gory murder/suicide in Houston, TX?) and find some positive refreshing “news”.  This morning I hit the bingo jackpot while looking at the short articles that are listed on the borders of the front page of each section.  This happened to be on the sports section and was about a college football player.  Now it is fashionable for the players to play a few years and then if they are having success on the field they have certain options to apply for the National Football League draft with the hope of being drafted and signing multi-million dollar contracts. They leave the college life experience behind, shuck the idea of a college degree, and hope for the big contract.  So, to read about quarterback Marcus Mariota of the University of Oregon deciding  that he will return to Oregon for his junior season provided me with some real feel good moments.  He said, “it is an honor to be a student at the University of Oregon and to have the opportunity to represent our institution on the football field alongside my teammates.”  “I look forward to earning my degree next year and to the rest of my career at this great University.”  Bravo Mr. Mariota, I have a new hero.  Wish I could watch you play more often.  Maybe this will be an inspiration to one of the current Texas Tech Red Raiders who has considered leaving “early” to enter the draft.  There is hope!!

Movie Review: 

“The Armstrong Lie(s)”  *****, Note:  While the majority of the population may not give a hang about cycling this is truly an excellent documentary about the rise and fall of a great professional cyclist.  While it is not just about the bicycle, since it includes his brave fight and victory against cancer, it also enlightens us on his inner drive and determination of this person.  This of course is one of the major motivators in his fall from grace in becoming involved in the athletic doping scene, since his desire to win overcame good judgement.  The Austin racing cyclist won a record seven consecutive Tour de France victories before he was disqualified for doping offenses.  This 2 hour movie is very detailed and professional.  For those who follow cycling will find it worthwhile, for those who don’t will be bored silly!   For those who supported the cancer fighting “Livestrong” foundation, created by Armstrong, will be mad and disgusted with their hero.  Rated R for language(F-bomb). 

EA, SH........:)!



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