Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving On, Final Touches, Movie Reviews

Now that it is established that the body ages and with that comes certain facts of life, let’s move this saga on with some real positive happenings.  The Milkman Triathlon has always been one of my favorite legendary events.  So, what better way to come off of a less than tasteful performance with a come back at the home of white ceramic milk jugs, if you place in the top three of your age group.  The good news is that it is a sprint race and they allow wetsuits.  What a refreshing feeling it was when I had the rear zipper pulled to the very top and I was comfortably embracing the feel of this black rubber around my skin.  But, the real deal was when I went in the water I was in a level position all poised to swim as fast as possible with no shoulder pain.  In addition I had the Kinesio taping done on both shoulders and wow what a great feeling.  The shotgun went off and I eased into this swim with confidence and relaxation feeling more secure and loving towards my black beauty wetsuit.  Yea I know they may look weird and smell like burnt rubber but man do they work.  I slide through the water then when I stood up at the exit I had taken 1 minute off of my time from last year.   Felt much better than being pulled out of the water into a boat full of people with a grin on their face.  Then I scooted on to a great bike and run that earned me a lst place official Milkman jug.  Okay so there was no one else in my age group, that is not my fault and usually there are at least 4.  But, I showed up and raced as hard as possible and did beat some younger people.  Now my goal is to stop whining, continue to work on my shoulders and then tackle me a little longer course at the Bottomless Lake(sounds more gruesome than it really is, since I am sure it has a bottom) triathlon!  

In the meantime this week will be spent on putting the final touches to the 24th Annual Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake triathlon.  It seems very surreal to be at this point in this event, since I never dreamed in 1990 that it would last this long or that it would grow to such an internationally recognized event.  With all of the support of the city of Lubbock and the many volunteers we have been totally blessed with success.  Since the competition of other events in the state and region has grown in leaps and bounds we have to work harder to continue to bring triathletes to the city.  When we created the half ironman distance it was the only one in Texas, now there are 16 at last count, not to mention the hundreds of other distances.  So, we have to continue to present the cutting edge in race production and offer some things others don’t.  The big thing I like to talk about is our traditional “old school” racing as opposed to the “new Starbuck racing” that is going on.  Old school is out and back courses, no point to point, as opposed to Starbuck racing in city downtowns and in repetitive circles with a Starbuck on each corner.  My God, where has racing in the canyons with snakes, lizards, deer, racoons, possum and a few head of cattle roam gone to?  The Llano Estacado was made for triathlon racing and the Buffalo Springs Lake provides a “perfect” layout for such an endeavor.  My advice to racers is be prepared for just about anything but really be prepared for an ultimate triathlon challenge.  We appreciate those that do and come to the canyons to race and claim the finisher medal or buffalo award for finishing on the podium.  Regardless of where that lands everyone is a winner!!  My advice, train hard and safe, see you all June 30!!  We are ready!!  The t-shirts are awesome!!

Movie Reviews:

“Man of Steel”, **, This is the true, long and drawn out story of where Superman really came from and how.  It was too long and had way too much electronic computer driven battles and destruction.  The acting was very good with Henry Cavill as Superman, and Amy Adams as journalist Lois Lane.  It was just too much of too much.  All kinds of acting firepower couldn’t save it for me with Keven Costner and Diane Lane as Superman’s earth adopted parents, and Russell Crowe as the real father.  Lots of twists here and maybe someone will enjoy it.  Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language. 

“The Hangover 3”, ***,  The story has now turned serious since all of the original members have now settled into real life. Tattoos removed and marriage has replaced their wild days.  But black sheep of the group loses his father and decides to find himself.  This entails a trip to Bangkok and all sort of weird happenings.  The same actors are in this final sequel and I believe it merits going to see on prime time pricing.  But, please stay for the final credit scenes which makes you wonder if there will be another sequel!  Rated R for pervasive language including sexual references, some violence and drug content, and brief graphic nudity.

“Mud”, *****, The first five star movie of 2013 for me and it earned it.  While the boat stuck in the tree is a big part of the story line, the acting of Matthew McConaughey and two young impressionable boys makes the movie.  While it is a rough love story, the overall story line revolves around people trying to find themselves and involves some violence with tough love.  Rated PG-13 for some violence, sexual references, language, thematic elements and smoking. 

EA, SH,.......:)!



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