Saturday, March 15, 2014

Itchy Fingers, Movie Reviews

Recently it has been brought to my attention that the present  “days” are not the good ole days anymore.  Some people have got the idea that the electronic world has taken over good common sense and now if you are not Twittering, Texting, Facebooking, E-mailing, etc., you just aren’t with it.  In dealing with this so called electronic generation who has had a back pack filled with computers, strapped to their backs since childhood I find it interesting that they suffer from itchy fingers.  Recently I went out to dinner with a few of them and I noticed it was not necessary to carry on a conversation since they were doing the dual thumb movements as they texted their friends in far off places.  Since I didn’t have my texting machine with me I felt sort of left out.  I also wondered if they were really texting each other and getting a big laugh out of the old man sitting there wondering what to do next.  So, what I did was actually start a conversation using the english language and my vocal chords to make noise over the clicking.  It started simply with, “how was your day today?”  Wham, what a question and how to answer since now they were going to have to put their brain in place and actually come up with something verbal that made some kind of sense.  It was very awkward to watch the stuttering and slashing of what they did for the day.  Fact it is it got so bad I said excuse me and I went and gathered up my phone so I could start texting while we waited for the food.  What I found was a sweet form of relief and relaxation in that I did not have to make useless conversation and certainly was not required to be creative or even sincere.  I could just blow off the time typing with my index finger(my thumbs don’t work for this chore) into this magic box called a “smart” phone, ease back in my chair and ignore the rest of the group.  Moral to the story is chose your dinner partners closely and based on the ages only take the smart phone if you think you might have to use it.  

Movie Reviews:  

“3 Days to Kill”, ***, Kevin Costner plays a CIA hit man and is approaching his last job since he has been told he has an incurable disease and will die within a few months.  So, he decides to become a loving, devoted husband and father during these remaining days.  However, the ole CIA will not let him retire that easy.  They have one last job for him to do that involves eliminating two big time international bad guys.  To add more drama to the offer for him to do this he is tempted with a new drug that can extend his life IF he does this last job.  Now, with that setting go see the movie.  Lots of suspense and action, good story and decent ending.  Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language. 

‘Non-Stop”, ***,  Another suspenseful movie starring Llam Neeson as a National air marshal.  But, the other side of the story is he has a drinking problem and personal home life problems.  But, while on a trip across the waters the plane is being taken over by the bad guys of the sky and wants $150 million or they will kill a passenger every 20 minutes.  Lots of action and a good story.  A good go see movie!  Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, some language, sensuality and drug references. 

“OldBoy”, ***, A very unusual movies starring Josh Brolin as an overbearing, alcoholic advertising executive.  The movie starts with him being his obnoxious drunk self with some clients and then goes down from there.  He is then abducted by people he has no clue who they are and put into a cell like existence in a hotel.  He is kept there for 20 years and you get to see all that he went through during that time.  He then figures out how to escape with the intention of finding out who did this to him and then killing them.  A very interesting story and the intrigue will spark your interest(saw this on pay for view, but it is still current in some cities) wondering how this is going to end.  Rated R for language, one soft porno scene, and violence.

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