Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Health thoughts, Groceries again, Celebrity b......t!!

While reading the Lubbock AJ this morning I noticed some "news" that got me to thinking. There was one article about a quintuple transplant procedure in Baltimore, MD, that required 12 surgeons, 6 operating rooms and 5 donors to pull it off. Can you imagine the cost to do such a thing? It didn't mention that tidbit in the article. In addition to the cost of doing this the bad news is that it obviously required 5 dead people acting as donors. The good news is that 5 desperate strangers received new organs in what hospital officials described as the first-ever quintuple kidney transplant. From the greerman-are the costs of something like this worth it? Are the new recipients worth the cost and will they maintain a healthy lifestyle now since getting a new lease on life? From what I have seen in the general public is they will probably go back to the same old bad habits that got them in bad health. I see it everyday, people have a heart condition, go in get bypass corrective surgery, come out eat bad, drink bad, smoke a lot, no exercise, etc. Then they have trouble again, duh!!, and go back in to be repaired again. It should be a requirement that if the recipients don't agree to practice good health and then actually do it, in 12 months from the time of the transplant, the millionaire surgeons will go back in and take out the transplanted organ and give it to someone else. My contention is we should spend more time preventing bad health than spending time and money on putting band aide repairs on bad health. We should take charge of our own bodies and not let anyone "practice" on us. Afterall that is what doctors do, they have a "medical practice." To me that means they experiment till they get some form of fix, spread all kinds of sorry synthetic drugs on it, get you addicted and then you are their slave for the rest of your life. So, I commend the 5 deceased people who helped the 5 recipients stay alive, I just hope they take advantage of this new lease on life. As for as the surgeons go, they will continue to make their millions, have their big homes, have their sports cars and remain God like. But, I don't blame them since it is the stupid public who has made them Gods, and they have accepted this stature.

In the orbits today I noticed that James "Rooster" Lamar Cogburn and Elphia Imogene "Jean" Jeffcoat Cogburn, both of Lubbock passed away on the same day, November 19th. While the orbit was quite thorough, it didn't mention how they happened to go into the next phase of life together. They were married 42 years.

When I thought I had it made on the grocery shopping thing I was handed a new list this morning. Seems as though some of the items needed for Turkey day were not put on my list of yesterday. So, here I go again and I am sure another story will surface. I notice the list has some stuff on it that will be hard to find, i.e., french fried onion rings in a can, or marshmellows(large or small?). I am prepared for the challenge and I am determined to just ask, "where the hell are the french fried canned onion rings?" Buffman & Squeaky will be happy campers since the list calls for "dog food" and "dog biscuits." Buffman gave me the cold shoulder this morning during newspaper time and I think it was because we ran out of dog biscuits and he knows I am the grocery shopper. Squeaky just did her usual, high squeak(that is where she got her name)and ignored me to. But, I will gain their attention when they are invited to go to the airport to pick up Jessica. They will be jumping up and down, sticking their nose to the door ready to go. Buffman remembers Jessica since she helped train him on going to the bathroom outdoors instead of on the carpet. It will be a good reunion for those two. Squeaky will not feel left out since she has a way of gaining attention no matter what, actually she demands it!!

Celebrities amaze me, they spend all there time becoming famous, then when they are famous and are showed attention, they do everything they can to prevent their fans from seeing them or being close to them. The big story of the week was the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and before that was the love story and romance of the two. Now they have decided to get married, and have by now, in Italy, but they don't want anyone to see them. The Italians are furious since they want to galk at them and TomKat(nicknames) refuse to be photographed. Now the other crowning blow to all is this one of the "guests" listed for the wedding was their 7 month old daughter, Suri. Guess I am old fashioned, but it use to be you got married and then had children. Now it seems just the opposite among the celebrities of the world and then to think, this child is a "guest" at the wedding of its' parents. Something is wrong with this scene!! The other big story is is the divorce of Britney Spears, well in my opinion who the hell cares?? But you know someone does or they wouldn't be the headlines of every cheap rag that is on the grocery store racks. When you stand in line to be checked out of the grocery store they put these rags just in the right place so you are tempted to buy one. This makes me want to create an association that helps people resist buying this trash. We have organizations for the prevention of every thing else why not this? It could be "Association to Prevent Buying Trash Magazines" or ATOPBTMAGS, I can see the T-shirt now.

Off to the airport and to buy some groceries,



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