Sunday, October 22, 2006

From paradise, again!

Well here I am in paradise again, the Ironman World Championship was yesterday and was a full day. The weather turned out perfect for everyone concerned. The athletes were able to get some personal bests because of the favorable weather, the volunteers were able to do their jobs because of the nice weather, and the spectators enjoyed it as well. Not to say there wasn't a little challenge after the sun went down, with a 30 minute downpour a rain. But, even this was a blessing to the athletes still on the course and it just cooled everyone down and we all continued to enjoyed the race. Of course we were sitting in the Cassandra's bar and grill just own the finish line, and guess what, they have a nice roof and we experienced none of the rain. The outcome of the race was somewhat as has been the norm on the past few years, same ole story we invent the sport and then the foreigners take it over. So, Norman Stadler of Germany wins' the mens' side and Michellie Jones of Australia wins the womens's side. We saw a lot of our age grouper atheltes who race at Buffalo Springs, so it was nice to see them.

We adopted age group athlete John Pryor, from Lubbock,and made sure he had lots of support from Texas. His friend Misty did the same, so he felt very appreciated and recognized. He had a great race and hopefully will be able to return again. He is a great guy and Misty is a great gal. It was a pleasure to be with them and adds to what I have said before, we really get to be with some very special people in the sport of triathlon.

Since this computer has been giving me hell I am signing off now and will give a more comprehensive report after I return to Ransom Canyon. Computers are wonderful when they work right or takes commands without rebelling, but I have not been that lucky with this HP model at all.

From paradise and missing West Texas!!



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