Monday, October 09, 2006

Return from paradise, some observations!

Returning from Hawaii is like going to Hawaii, it takes some time to adjust to the time difference and get back into the swing of West Texas. After the return on early Friday morning I had the 25th annual Texas Tech Road Race, 10K/5K to announce. This race is run on the beautiful Texas Tech campus in conjunction with the home coming game. With nearly 400 participants it is quite popular and a well run event. While there were no records, it was very competitive throughout the different age groups. The Red Raiders were playing the University of Missouri from the "Show Me State." The Raiders went into the game with a 4-1 record and the Show Me guys had a 5-0 record. Well, sadly for the Raiders, UM left with a 6-0 record and the Raiders were shaking their heads wondering what happened. Marti and I were not able to watch the game since we hopped on the Hog and went south to a little motorcycle rally about 100 miles from Ransom Canyon. It was in Snyder, Texas, famous for something but I don't know what. Maybe lots of mesquite bushes or something! The name of the rally was the White Buffalo Rally, so I guess Snyder is famous for a white buffalo. They do have an oil field close by, and a football field, since I still remember playing a quarterfinal football game there in 1956(we won). At any rate it was typical motorcycle tough stuff, you know the Sturgis thing, slap on the leather, start the engines, roar the engines, do spin outs, drive fast, just your typical show off type stuff. Your understand it if you ride, but shake your head in wonder if you don't. We then took in a rally concert with Joe Ely and the Kentucky Head Hunters. Ely, a native West Texan and now somewhat famous, was great. The Head Hunters were good for what they do but if you don't like their type of music they suck. So, early exit from the concert after a few adult beverages. Up early the next morning and return to the canyons of the Llano Estacado.

More on Hawaii and some observations I have been making over the past few years. For starters, I spent about 2 hours in the hotel lobby, the first day there, waiting for my room and during this time I decided to watch the people happenings and see what I could pick up. Now remember these people have been here for a few days and now they are checking out(remember I am waiting for them to check out so I can check in). So, what you would imagine is that they are happy and wearing a big grin on their face, WRONG!!! These are the most stressed people I have ever seen, especially if they have any kids with them. They are lugging luggage,trying to control the kids, pay the bill and get the hell out of paradise. The way I figured it is that the parents couldn't stick a computer/tv/ games thing in front of these kids, so the kids naturally want all the attention they can get. So, why not demand this in the hotel lobby. Sounds good to me and many of kids I saw seemed to agree. Earlier in the morning I was able to go on a nice 6 mile run, out the front gate and onto the Queen K highway for a great run. This highway sounds like a highway and it is; however, it has great shoulders and is accustomed to runners and bicycles(remember the Ironman). During this run I noticed some things that are interesting to say the least, one, there are couples out walking together, many times even holding hands. So, the romantic side must come out in paradise since I never see that in Ransom Canyon or Lubbock. Second, these same couples are wearing workout clothes that look like this is the first time they have ever been worn. You know, real colors, a little wrinkle in them where they have just come out of a box or off of a hanger. New running shoes that squeak a little and show up bright white. But, maybe this is the time they will dig deep inside and find that "Ironman" inside themselves. It has happened before so it can happen again. The other thing I notice is the usage of two words that must be used are you will be removed from the premises, "mahalo" is used for just about everything but more importantly it replaces, "thank you" or as my dad use to say, "much obliged." The other word is, "aloha" which is the basic greeting word for the islands. So, if you are going to the islands anytime soon please refresh yourself on these two words. Since I will be returning for the Ironman on the 17th I am keeping my advice in tack.

The self development seminar I attended was very good and I came away with some new knowledge concerning positive affirmations relative to water crystals and the drum. Yep, folks I became a believer in writing affirmations to my drinking water. Go, to, "The Message From Water," and you will get some interesting insight to the slushy stuff that makes up 70% of our body(60% if you are over 65). Christine Stevens offered demonstrations on drumming and created quite an interest for this method for positive meditation and healing.

Wow, so much to learn and time is flying by. The governors race in Texas is heating up and will be here before we know it. "Get Kinky" and vote for the man!!



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