Friday, December 15, 2006

Birthday time, Movie Reviews, Wildcat football, No Bush stuff!

Tomorrow is a big day in the lives of some. For those born on December 16th it is their birthday. While the celebration for this day is simply called "birthday" I am thinking it should be called something else, like maybe "a celebration of life" or if you are deceased others could remember your "celebration of life" and have a big party to celebrate, or we could add another national holiday to the already 38 total and celebrate every day of the year. So much for that and on to some real serious stuff. Some famous people born on December 16th include, but are not limited to the following: Ludwig van Beethoven, music composer, Margaret Mead, famous anthropologist, Steve Locke, famous, long time Executive Director of USA Triathlon, well known for his many finishes at Ironman, Kona and for leaving the Federation with a $2 million rainy day fund(it must be raining a lot in Colorado Springs since they are spending it all, editors comment), Judy Hunter, my long time friend and loyal employee of Texas Tech University( you know where the Knight guy hangs out nowadays), and last but not least Mike Greer, jack of all trades and master of none, born in a humble surrounding in Chanute, Kansas, then after 3 months of boredom in that setting, was moved to West Texas to gain his wit, intelligence and ability to piss people off in a New York minute. The good thing about December 16th is that it is not too close to Christmas, so you still get gifts on both days. I had a cousin that was born on December 25th, what a bummer! The bad thing I have noticed about the birthday this year is that I am older than I have ever been, and it seems to be getting worse. Yesterday some ask what it feels like to be 68 and I quickly remarked, beg your pardon I am not 68 yet but will be in a few days. I will tell you then how it feels. Then I got to thinking about that question and it prompted some thoughts. Look around your surroundings right now as you read this and see how many things, no matter what they are, i.e. computer, phone, books, etc., around you are 68 years old. My research tells me there will be very few things that old around you and if they are they have probly been worked on and repaired in some way. For example, if your automobile happens to be 68 years old it would have required some major repairs over the years. Your home, if 68 years old, would have to be in that same category. My point here is that if we can get to this great age without major repairs we are either just lucky, or have taken care of ourselves over the years or maybe a combination of both. My dad had major repairs by the time he was 65 and then lived until 79, but if he had taken better care of himself he would still be alive today. He treated himself like his automobile, if the engine went bad he just took it to a mechanic and replaced the engine. So, if he ate bad, didn't exercise and had heart trouble he just went to the cardiologist and had by-pass surgery. My goal has always been to prevent this type of thing, so diet, and exercise has always helped me overcome the sometime ventures into partaking of adult beverages and dancing until the wee hours. Again, trying to do this in moderation and still have a little fun without wrecking my good health. Since I have always been blessed, it always prompts me to just have the attitude that when my EKG or PSA test is normal I think, "so? That is what I expect it to say!" While this may be somewhat arrogant, I just feel that way. Now if and when the reports are ever different I would just dig deep inside and face whatever music is being played. Tough talk for someone who has never had to face that kind of stuff. I had a friend recently who was diagnosed with a serious cancer, but he acted like it was nothing, did the therapy and is now cancer free. He set a good example I would follow. My philosophy of life has always been, if I have good health I have wealth, and I am sticking to it!! Happy birthday to all you 12.16 people, let's have some fun!

Movie reviews: "Borat" **, This guy Sacha Baron Cohen(the star of the movie) has figured out a way to present trash on the screen and make money out of it), this movie has some real humor, some sick humor, some gross scenes(one of the most gross scenes I have ever seen in a movie), some kind of story, some kind of satire, but generally not totally awful, but on the other hand I would say, go at your own risk. It got two stars simply because they had the guts to film it. "Blood Diamond," *****, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounson, a very well done "cause" movie, a true story about the exploitation of the African black population relative to the mining of diamonds and the black market for selling them. The cause is to expose the black marketing that is going on, but also to point out how the young black boys are taken hostage and made to fight for the rebels of the country. Kind of like a Boy Scout troop, against their will and taught to fire automatic weapons and kill people on the spot. I would point out that these rebels are also black, so it is black people taking black kids hostage and making them fight for them. They are taken from their families and now total over 200,000. What the hell we can do about it, I don't know, since the Bushman has all of our military and dollars tied up in Iraq with the thought(okay I am giving him a compliment here)of making them Christians, with a democratic government. We just don't have the time to straighten the world out, they are going to have to take responsibility here and do something for themselves, enough said!! "Impressionist", *****, No longer in the movie houses, that I know of, but in the hotel movie choices. We watched this while staying in a LaQuinta, in Abilene, Texas last weekend. With Ed Norton starring, this is a great movie, well done, and it has a great ending. Find out how to watch it, it is great. "The Horse Whisperer,"*****, very seldom do I have three, five stars in a row, but even though this movie is a few years old, I have seen it about 3 times. It seems to get even greater each time I watch it. Robert Redford is great and the story is even greater. Probably on Directv Channels or on DVD. Next on my movie agenda: "Apocalypto" and "The Holiday." See you at the movies!!

For the past 4 weeks I have been consumed with my old high school football team. It is West Texas football at its' best. The Wildcats are in the State Championship playoff game and will play for the Championship on Saturday, December 16th(bong!! is this going to be a birthday to remember or not??) This is a very good team, and the Littlefield Wildcats have been going into the playoffs since 1936, while winning State along the way, and other various Championships. During my tenure we won the quarter final and regional championships. While we didn't go all the way, we were a very good team and have helped build the winning legacy of this small town(6500 population). I will report back after the game this weekend.

President Bush simply amazes me, now he is going to established another committee on the war in Iraq and supposingly will even listen to them. In the meantime our troops are getting killed daily for no reason. Marti has a nephew going back for the second time and my son will probably return for a second term(we of course are hoping that this does not happen). This madness has got to stop!!



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