Monday, January 07, 2008

It's over, thank God, Movie Reviews

This past holiday season must have been the longest in history. It seemed as though we had three day work weeks forever, so long that it is very challenging to meet the task of a full work week this week. Wow, today is only Monday and we have until Friday to complete the week. What a feeling of challenge and question why we had so many days off. We know when the holidays are over in Ransom Canyon simply because the decorative lights are all put up for another year and there are no Santa Claus's in the front yards. Another clue is that everyone gets back to normal by not speaking, asking how you are or putting on that phony ass slight of hand smile(for the holidays only). There is no "Merry Christmas" greeting or have a Happy New Year message, just back to normal. A couple of terms used during the holidays really bug me so I am glad when it is all over. First, "are you going to have a big Christmas?" Second, this same people follow up by asking, "did you have a big Christmas?" My reply always falls in the smart alec category, "why of course I will have a big Christmas, since I am always very good and Santa likes that kind of action," or "yes I did have a big Christmas, so big that it was bigger than anything on the block, because I deserved it and Santa knew he better come through or I would peg him and take away his beer on the next ride into town."(The longest sentence in the world proves how much I hate that question.) So, let's get on with life and have a great 2008!!

Movie Review: "Sweeney Todd": The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. ***, My local critic gave it 4.5 stars, but not for me. Yea Johnny Depp is great as usual, yep it was a well done movie, but it was hard to understand, and very depressing. If you like to watch people get their throat cut with lots of blood gushing out and then see their body grinded up in a meat grinder, with no saving grace whatsoever, then you will fall in love with this movie. It is the ultimate revenge movie. Oh, I forgot, it is a musical so every other dialogue is a song. I am not budging, it is 3 star and no more, but will be nominated for something. Rated R for graphic bloody violence(to say the least).

"I Am Legend", ****, Will Smith does a great job as nearly the sole actor in this movie. He is a very good actor so he makes this sci-fi movie very believable. The story goes that through some scientific screwup with a vaccine that cures cancer, no less, it has a reverse affect that emits a plague that either kills and turns its' recipients into aggressive vampire killers. Mr. Smith is a doctor who is trying to kill this virus and bring humanity back. He is one of the last to survive this plague in New York City and lives through the day looking for food or clues on how to save mankind. He refuses to move to a safe haven in Vermont, and wants to save the day in the City. Rated PG-13 for intense(understatement) sequences of sci-fi action and violence.



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