Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What???Bowling doesn't suck after all!!

Who was it that said bowling sucks, well really that goof ball said, "my bowling sucks!" But tonight, being bowling night, it turns out that bowling does and did not suck. Yep, fellow athletes and loved ones I had a high game of 220 tonight and our team won 3 out of 4. My average for the night was 168(had a real bad, "bowling sucks" type score 118 in the first game), then picked things up in the second game, then bingo over 200 for the first time in league play. Those little white pins with red strips just refused to fall in the first, then started to wobble in the second then pleaded with me not to hit in the strike zone again, or they would leave the house. The key to the high score is hitting numerous strikes, du or stated another way, the key to a high score is to knock down as many pins as possible, du!!! What I like about bowling is that the more beer you drink and popcorn you eat the better you seem to bowl. I guess at the rate I was going I could still be drinking cold beer and eating popcorn, and my game would eventually end up being the perfect 300. Guess I can shoot for that the next time, but would probably be there all night and into the morning.

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