Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Flags" footnote, New triathlon for BSLT, Hog ride and bowling

Since I have already received a little feedback on my new marriages philosophies, plus the mention of my new book, "Flags", I thought I might add some more fuel to the fire. First, the flags checklist is designed and will be intended for both genders, meaning if same genders are prone to entering into a long term relationship together then the checklist will work for them. I am currently field testing this to include this idea. When I say marriage I also mean long term relationships. Yep, folks you can teach an old dog new tricks. The thing is if we have more same gender relationships out there we want them to be happy. Why would we limit this to such a point that they could not test their relationship with the infamous flag checklist. If we have a happy world no matter our sexual orientation, then so be it. I am all over it and can't wait to get the feedback. Second, my feeling about the marriage institution(I use this term because when you received the marriage certificate/contract/agreement, etc. that is what it becomes) is that the certificate makes everything way too serious and many times the loving relationship(really meaning the sexual loving relationship) ends when the official ceremony is a done deal. I think this happens many times simply because, "she got him", "she is his, so he gets some anytime he wants it, but she is really in control especially after the marriage ceremony is a done deal", "there is too much taking for granted and less concern for the other person." Now, you say, but that is what marriage is suppose to be all about and I couldn't agree more, "suppose to be" are the key words but sometimes it just never happens. Third, as a society we get married way too young. If I could twinkle my nose and make a law that was followed by all I would say, "no one can get married until they are 30 years of age or older." I advised my children to do that, and out of four, none of them followed my advice. Oh well, whatever!!! Enough on marriage for tonight.

The powers to be of BSLT Triathlon Inc., the legal entity for the Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 and other triathlons(Buffman & Squeaky, Tri Raider, Irongirl, etc.) put on by Greer & Marti has decided to add another sprint triathlon in May. On the same weekend as Buffman & Squeaky Olympic course we will add the Dog House Sprint Triathlon. Yea, you know that thing that they build for dogs to live in but they really don't live in them. Anyway, should add some new spice to that weekend.

Yesterday was a great day to ride the Hog even though the wind was from hell. Hyman and I took off for the New Mexico badlands, yea that New Mexico with no trees, no bushes, no grass, lots of road kill, lots of oil wells, but at least a very smooth highway. We ended up in Hobbs, New Mexico home of really nothing, but nevertheless a place to ride to. Hyman got there before me so he had to enter the Casino and try to win all of their money. Ooops, he didn't do that and was ready to leave when I got there. So, we decided to take a new route back to Lubbock which would put up right in front of the Border Bar right on the Texas/New Mexico state line. A really stylish place making JD's look like one of Trumps' palaces. We only had time for one cold beer then hit the road. Nice 200 mile ride, and back to the canyons of Ransom. Remember, it doesn't matter where you ride to and from, just so you ride. Riding a Hog is like sex, you can just go so long without and then YOU NEED IT!!!!

Did I mention that bowling doesn't suck after all, you guessed it, I had a good night last Wednesday and so did my partner. We won 3 out of 4, and my average was above my posted average. Just like I said on my "bowling sucks" report last week, I love the sport of bowling(he he, I didn't really say that). Especially when I knock those damn stupid looking pins down. Sometimes you just want to run down the alley and kick the hell out of them. Now to see what happens this next Wednesday. The whole key to bowling is to knock down all ten of the pins on the first ball, then if you don't do that knock down 9 of them and get that last one and you are working on the highest possible score with a spare. Now that I have it figured out, I will love the sport again. Bowling is somewhat negative in that if it was real positive it would only give you one ball to start with, assuming you would always get the STRIKE!!! The power of positive thinking would prevail!!

In going back over some of my old posts I have noticed my sense of humor has diminished to some degree. Can't figure out what has happened but I do know that in the future I will get back to some fun stuff and quit taking everything so serious. After all, life can be a bitch and then you die! Some famous person probably said that!



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