Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Tubman, Movie Reviews

Just when I thought all the fans for Texas Tech football had the bad goods on the new football coach Tuberville he pulls a fast one and wins against the Colorado Buffalos. While the first half gave the neatest mascot of all time, Ralphie the live Buffalo, the right to really strut around the second half turned out very different. After watching Tech get beat bad by Oklahoma State the previous week it was becoming obvious that the do dads in charge of hiring and firing at Tech had made a huge mistake in firing the former head pirate Mike Leach, and then hiring Tommy Tuberville, a re-tread former coach from Auburn. On top of winning the game in Boulder Coach Tub becomes the first head football coach at Tech to ever win a game in the confines of that cozy little stadium that sits on the Colorado Boulder campus with a capacity of 50,000. For this game 47,000 fans showed up to see Colorado out play Tech real bad in the first half, then during the half time Coach Tub put some fire into the bellies of his padded beasts and they won the game. In last weeks game Coach Tub had all kinds of excuses, such as: “We couldn’t throw the ball in the fourth quarter because of the wind blowing!!” Well I got news for you dude, West Texas invented the wind and is very proud of it. If you don’t want to play in the wind then go back to Auburn and play in the humidity. Then the offensive coordinator said that Tech couldn’t get their offense going because the opposing team was “faking” injuries and stopping their momentum. This had to be the most lame excuse I have ever heard a coach make, kind of like saying the artificial turf slowed them down because it had grown during the week. It just didn’t make sense and then saying it wasn’t an excuse was also lame, either it is or it isn’t. Now Tech has a very important victory with a season record(4-3) and to be bowl eligible they must win at least six games. The way they have played this year the only bowl they would go to is the insignificant bowl played in no-where USA. With over 30 bowl games out there they could scrape up something just to say they continued their streak of 11 straight years of playing in bowl games. Raider Nation, the un-official group that still loves fired Coach Leach and hates present Coach Tuberville, hopes they don’t go so that will prove to the Tech administration that they made a real booboo in firing their favorite pirate of the gridiron. Got news for you Raider Nation honorable members, Leach is not coming back and is history. Put that in your Red & Black pipe and understand that Leach is suing Tech for millions while he blew his multi-million contract by being both arrogant and insubordinate. Yes, Coach Almighty, even though you won some games here you do not own the university or call the Chancellor and cuss him out!! So Raider Nation please go away and spend your energy on supporting the new coach and the team that does the job on the field. Wreck ‘em Tech!!

Movie Reviews: “Red”, ****, This is a very good movie with a star line up you just normally don’t see. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich play retired CIA agents who all of sudden become the potential hit victim of their former employer. Karl Urban plays the part of the CIA’s hit artist who is to take them out, especially Willis. Mary-Louise Parker plays a government secretary who befriends Willis over their long distance phone conversations, driving him to the point of wanting to be with her and live a normal life. Well of course the CIA has other ideas and it becomes a very good story with lots of action. With Academy Award winners playing fun roles they really do their stuff. Helen Mirren does a great job and is fun to watch. Ernest Borgnine even has a small part to add to the star power. Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action throughout.

“The Social Network”, * for the way the movie makes you feel, **** for the acting, presentation, etc. This movie is already being billed as a shoo-in by many to become one of the 10 Oscar nominees for Best Picture of 2010. The drama focuses on the evolution of Internet social site Facebook from its creation in a Harvard University dorm room in 2003 by social outcast, arrogant, computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg. It builds to over 200 million members and after this movie will probably double again. While there may be some Hollywood stuff in this presentation of Harvard in general it appeared that the students exhibited the epitome of intellectual arrogance. For me, it was a total waste of my time and I only stayed until the end so I could prepare this review. If my readers go see the movie anyway then it is on their shoulders, not mine. Oooops, will this be on my Facebook wall, page, or rest room walls or whatever?? Rated PG-13 for sexual content, drug and alcohol use and language.



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