Sunday, February 06, 2011

Best Friends, not! Movie Reviews

Standing in line for anything is not my cup of tea, fact is I hate standing in line for anything. Even if I won a zillion dollar lottery prize I would not want to stand in line to pickup the money. Well, I don’t think I would like to do this, but at any rate I got to the Houston Hobby airport today after a long weekend of working the Houston marathon expo and finish line and found they had a wait in the security line longer than the Great Wall of China. They even had the gall to post a starting sign that said, 45 minute wait from this point on. Funny that is the length of time it takes to fly to Dallas, and the time it takes to fly from Dallas to Lubbock. So, I line up like a good little trooper for this “wait in line ordeal.” What I have learned over the years while waiting in line is that if you are able to talk to the person in front of you on any subject it makes the time go by much faster. As I looked on the backpack of the guy in front of me I noticed his name was Cody and he worked for a hi-tech company out of Scottsdale, AZ. This gave me a definite advantage in starting up this conversation but I had to figure out how to start it. Hum, how about, “nice day isn’t it?” But, he reply might be, “hell no I hate long lines!” Or maybe, “while spying on you I noticed your business card said you were from Scottsdale, AZ, how is the weather these days?” Of course he is likely to say, “none of your business and quit looking at my personal belongs!” With these possible rejections in mind I took the high road and said, “this line is so long I can’t see the end, what is the deal?” My new friend Cody responded with an affirmitive and the discussion to pass time was on. You have to remember that these conversations very seldom ever result in becoming best friends or anything but they do serve a purpose for the time being. I remember a line I stood in for 45 mintues to pay a traffic ticket and not only did I not make best friends I couldn’t think of any thing to say to these fellow law breakers. It was a demographic experience that I wish not to repeat. Now back to Cody, after some senior rambling(I have a right to ramble you know), and we both agreed that this line was at least as long as the Denver Airport. We also determined that we both travel a lot and spend endless hours in lines and that the DIA is a very confusing airport to travel through. When the conversation started to drag I decided I had better throw in some real useless subject matter, so I got on the first time I traveled through this old airport(Hobby) and that Southwest only had 3 planes then(they now have something like 600) and flew to 3 cities in Texas. Wow!! What trivia he said while holding his breath that I would leave him be and mind my own business. But I didn’t stop at that I also mentioned that at that time the air fares from Dallas to Houston were $19.00, McDonalds hamburgers were 19 cents, and gasoline was also 19 cents. By now this guy was wondering if I also lived during the terms of the George Washington presidency, or what? But he was kind to me and said, “that is interesting!” By now, nearly 45 minutes, we were closing in on the final stage of the TSA check in and had reached that final phase where you take off a portion of your cloths, have your body felt and gropped to a degree, especially if you look suspicious, then re-dress and get the hell out of there heading directly to your departure gate. It almost feels like you have graduated from something when you reach this point of your trip. After this massive inspection, un-dressing and then dressing I lost contact forever with my friend Cody and I realized we did have a time consuming conversation but we certainly did not become best friends. Oh well, doesn’t matter there is always that next trip to the many destinations that my life takes me to. Good day fellow travelers, see you in the friendly skies of the TSA handlers and we can be gropped together, someday.

Movie Reviews: “The King’s Speech”, *****, This is truly a five star movie and for many reasons, first, it is a true story during a critical time in the world, second, the story line presentation is excellent, third, the acting is beyond reproach, from the lead actor, Colin Firth, to the supporting actor, Georffrey Rush. Sometimes it is difficult to remember who the star of the movie really is. The movie has been nominated as Best Picture for an Oscar and has already won many earlier awards for the same. Based on history, director Tom Hooper’s film is anchored by Firth’s magnificent performance as British Prince Albert, destined to be crowned King George VI no matter how much he would rather lead a secluded life. He has, since childhood, represented royalty with a stammer, or stutter, and now his fear is multiplied by fate. Indeed, time is running out while Adolph Hitler’s forces move across Europe. England is on the brink of war; her citizens need a new king, one whose speeches will inspire and, in effect help lead. His last chance lies with the unorthodox treatment of an Australian speech therapist, played by Rush, and even Albert is not sure he trusts him. What a strange coincidence that the Austrialian saves the future King from further embarrassment in his speaking, while an Austrian(Hitler) is on his way to conquering Europe. This movie is an epic! Rated R(for no known reason) for some language(the f... word was used in one scene for therapy purposes, and actually outnumbered the times it was used in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, which was 22 times).

“No Strings Attached”, ***, While this movie certainly is not an epic, it is enjoyable to watch and entertaining(isn’t that what movies are supposed to be about?) and deserves the three stars. Viewers may be surprised at how many crude sexual references are invented by the screenwriter. On to the bigger story is a couple of likeable people, played by Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, who agree to a sex-only relationship. No love allowed, no cuddling, not even breafasts together, just sexual relief anywhere the desire comes up. So, we have lots of inventive ways for the two stars of the movie to have loveless intercourse. The only exception is the first time and these scenes are just one notch above soft pornographic. While it is easy to second guess the final outcome of this strange love(yes it does creep in, whether invited or not) affair, it is fun to watch the journey. Portman and Kutcher are great together, go see to enjoy! Rated R for sexual content, language, and some drug material.

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