Wednesday, December 08, 2010

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For the past three months I have been on a real travel by air marathon, fact is these months of travel have been the most intense since I was a young stud sales manager traveling the USA. Since September my trips have been to Myrtle Beach, SC, Kona, HI, Clearwater, FL, Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, Washington DC, Tuscaloosa, AL, Birmingham, AL, Phoenix, AZ. This time frame doesn’t include the trips by automobile that include Dallas, TX, Boulder, CO, Amarillo, TX, Midland, TX, Rio Rancho, NM, etc., etc. So, needless to say I have seen some country, done a little business and also competed in a few triathlons. So, out of all this it may sound a little boring however my trip to the Nations capital probably offered the most comical. Since the air trips involved 32 different segments of getting off and on the plane(a segment being from one airport to another, i.e. Lubbock to Dallas, get off and then fly to the final destination) I went through the security areas so often the TSA guys and gals got to know me by sight, not just by my photo ID. After awhile it all becomes a haze and one trip runs into another, on one segment I woke up from my tidy little nap and couldn’t figure out where I was or where I was going, but the good news is that the pilot and navigator did, so I went back to sleep. The one trip that does stand out has to be the DC-Dulles Airport trip. It was an early trip out of Lubbock to Houston, so I get there plenty early and get all situated at the check in but decide to carry my bag on rather than check it. So, I step up to the blue uniformed(they just changed the colors late in 2009) TSA official to show my ID and board pass and all of a sudden I thought I had left my cell phone in the car. So, after going through the security check point I had to drop out of line to go after the almighty cell phone. Alas, I had actually put it in the corner pocket of my brief case and so I was okay, now back in line. So, the TSA guy gets a good grin as I pass through again. Now I go through the complete line, you know stripping down to something more comfortable for these blue suited lust filled eyes and take my bag(remember I am not checking my bag this time) through the camera area. Lo and behold the blue suiter takes out my shaving kit and says that most of the things in it are “over sized” and have too many ounces. So, I could throw them all away or go back to the ticket counter and check them, then return back to security for the third time. I took the second option and checked the bags. Now, I come through the check point for the third time and the blue suiter really got a laugh. We almost became best friends, but I can say the third time was the charm, I was now able to enter the aircraft, take my nap and wake up wondering where I was. Now for the trip back I go to the Dulles airport plent early, make it through the security check point but then discover that I have left my George W. Bush book in the hotel room. Thankfully I was staying at the airport Marriott and they have a continual shuttle running to and fro from the hotel to the airport. I then proceeded to go out to hotel pick up at curbside and go back to the hotel. As I walked in I got some grins then got my old key to my old room and found the book sitting right where I had left it. So, back to the airport and now through the security check point AGAIN!!! This time there was more of a line but I did make it through without a hitch. Now for the kicker in this story! I went through the security checkpoints 5 times on this trip and never once got rubbed, felt of, groped, fondled, searched, or felt intimidated by a gorgeous big breasted, great cleavaged blonde TSA blue shirted official. After all I had been reading about how the passengers are being searched by these wicked hands of the blue suiters I was expecting this and had planned on enjoying myself during the search. Sorry, not to be, these guys and gals are very professional and never once touched me in such a way that would excite any of my body parts. Good work TSA team, keep up the good work and keep the “friendly skys” even more friendly. A couple of rules I now have established after this trip, one, never do the carry on bag thing, two, always double check the cell phone location before entering the line, three, always check the room before leaving just to make sure you have everything(I always do this but failed to this one time), four, always wear something that is easy to put on and take off, you never know what might come up during the trip, then you are prepared at all times. Now to pack for the next trip, yep, this Friday to Colorado Springs, CO. Love the Springs!!!!

Movie Review: “Faster”, *, This time I agree with the local critic and matched his stars. This is a very violent movie and really not that good. The mystery unfolds in far too predictable fashion, and all that leaves us with is serial revenge killings by a big brother who, for reasons unknown to us, may feel most at home behind the wheel of a speeding automobile. There is a gaping hole in the film as the character know as Driver, played by Dwayne Johnson(a good actor actually), walks out of prison to the tune of threats from other inmates, saying he will be a walking dead man on the outside. Once outside he starts killing those that responsible for his brothers murder. Funny thing is he rides around the country side walking into public places blowing peoples brains out and never gets caught. He also gets shot in the back of the head but is saved because the last time he got shot in the back of the head they put a steel plate in his head that saved him from the second shot to the back of the head(figure that one out). Billy Bob Thorton is a corrupt detective that shoots up(drugs), and of course is on the take. Driver realizes his ultimate goal is shooting Billy Bob in the back of the head. Yes folks this is one useless piece of cinema that doesn’t really deserve more than a star. Don’t waste your money on this one. Rated R for strong violence, some drug use(you mean when Billy Bob shoots up with the scene showing the needle going in his arm) and language.

“Morning Glory”, ***, This movie is set in the dysfunctional world of morning television news shows. It would be considered a romantic comedy, and also a little satire thrown in for the morning show crowd. Some really neat cameo appearances by popular TV news commentators. The story is around television producer Becky Fuller(played very well by Rachel McAdams). After being fired from her current job and in dire need of a job she apllies for and gets the producers job for a last place rated national morning show called “Daybreak.” Her goal is to revitalize the show by uniting legendary TV anchor Mike Pomeroy(Harrison Ford), but he refuses to cover fluff features alongside co-anchor Colleen Peck(Diane Keaton), a former beauty queen and veteran morning show personality. The two clash, first behind-the-scenes and then on the air. Becky also develops a neat love affair and the guy understands her desire to be successful, so this offers a side dish of a story. Enjoyable movie, well worth the money but will not win any awards. Rated PG-13 for some sexual content including dialogue, language and brief drug references.

Book Review: “Decision Points-George W. Bush”, 80% done on this great book. It gets better as I get close to the last pages. My problem is when I am reading a very good book I have a tendency to not read it as much, when I get close to the last pages since I do not want it to end. So, I am dragging a little but will have it finished this weekend.

How are you Ms. SH, lots to read this time!!



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