Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bionic Man, Movie Reviews

Just when I thought the bionic man was a former television program starring Lee Majors I competed in a triathlon this past weekend and was fooled, there are many of them out there. Not only was he bionic but he sliced me up like slabs of bacon on the run, swim and total time and made off with the first place medal in our age group. He gave me the bike portion but that wasn’t enough to pull it off. Right before the race started he came up and showed me where he had the titanium rod put in his knee and explained he was better than ever. That was sad news to me since he was real good with the original equipment he was blessed with as a new born baby, and left me in the dust more than I could remember. So, I look at his healed up 12 inch scar that ran right down the middle of his knee and wondered, can that piece of titanium from outer space really do the trick and enable him to speed ahead of me? About an hour and a half later I got the answer and he really showed his stuff. Now the questions is, am I going out there and get the new joints put in so I can be faster, or will I stick with original equipment. Well the answer is easy, my original equipment is working quite well and I know it now has over 65,000 miles of running on it and is still going strong. Also, the real key to successful, fast endurance athletics is not the joints but is dependent on the efficiency of the cardiovascular system a person is born with. The other factor is the abundance of slowtwitch fibers in the body machine. Turns out Don Parks, my worthy competitor, has the superior cardivascular engine, an abundance of slowtwitch fibers, and the replacement of joint original equipment with titanium, plastic, or whatever does not assure one that they will run faster. It just enables that joint to hold up no matter how fast the engine is. Bottom line here is that I really commend my competition for going through the major operation and re-hab to make this new addition to his knee work better. He worked hard for the win and left me in the dust and deserved the Gold. Congrats Don!

Movie Review: “Beastly” ***1/2, A contemporary Beauty and the Beast. Lyle(played by Alex Pettyfer) has looks, intelligence, wealth--and a cruel streak. He is a real nasty guy who never passes up the opportunity to make fun of someone who is not “beautiful or good looking” like he is. Little does he know that one of his classmates is a bonafide witch and she castes an ugly spell on him and makes him as ugly and he was good looking. Of course the only way for him to get the spell broken is for some one to fall in love with him as he now is. Go, see and learn how it pans out. An enjoyable entertaining movie not to be taken seriously. Rated PG-13 for language including crude comments, brief violence and some thematic material.

“Mango”, (No Rating), While I have never been much into animated movies I liked “Up” so much I decided to give this one a go. Plus, it had Johnny Depp as the main voice and that intrigued me. Turns out the first 10 minutes were so boring I just decided to change movies. Sorry about that Johnny(Mango). Rated: PG

“Black Swan”, *****, No question that this is a great movie and deserved the Academy award winnings; however, it is a very dark and disturbing move so be warned. The story revolves around a prima ballerina, played by Natalie Portman, who as most ballerina dancers are, is obsessed with her profession. She is picked to be the lead in the presentation of the White Swan but this also entails the Black Swan as well. Kind of a good versus evil kind of theme. While Ms. Portman had no problem with the White Swan part she just didn’t have the natural evil feel of the Black Swan. Pushed along by her very possessive and over protective mother, no mention of a father, she excelled to the utmost. Interesting ending. Rated R for strong sexual content(under stated), disturbing violent images(also under stated), language and some drug use.

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