Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Review

Movie Review: "The Conspirator", *****, Yes folks this is a five star movie. "A military trial of civilians is an atrocity!" bellows one senator. Directed by Robert Redford, a remarkable cast breathes life into the compelling story of the trial meant to head the country following the assassinatin of President Abrham Lincoln. Most of us know about John Wilkes Booth the actual assassin, but the other part of the story is the trial of Mary Surratt played by Robin Wright, who owned the boarding house where Booth stayed and conspired to murder three American leaders. James McAvoy does a great job in playing the defense lawyer, Frederick Aiken, for Ms. Surratt. Since he was a war hero and officer in the Union Army the emotions of defending this accused conspirator was limitless. Audiences may be as repulsed as Aiken to see the Constitutin set aside to quicken the country's healing process. Robert Redford is a great director and if this film is not nominated in many ways, plus the actors I will surely be surprised. Rated PG-13 for some violent content.

EA(a go see for you), SH(you would enjoy to).....:)



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