Monday, May 26, 2014

Commuter Fun, Movie Reviews, Book Review

Recently I had the opportunity to be a commuter in the largest city of the Lone Star State.  Yes, I spent from Tuesday until Saturday in The Woodlands commonly referred to as a suburb of Houston.  But  what made me a commuter was the fact that my hotel was actually in Houston so I had to make the drive every morning to The Woodlands and then back to Houston.  Well it was only about 20 miles but it seemed like a 100 at least.  While the streets and freeways may have 4 lanes they all have bumper to bumper traffic and they are going way beyond whatever the speed limit is.  The other annoyance I noticed was the sound of sirens within every mile that you travel.  You have an option of ambulances, police cars, motorcycle police and of course fire trucks.  The other thing I noticed was the speeding cars and people texting while they are driving.  Now I can hang in there with the best speeders and have no problem putting the pedal to the metal, but with all the traffic it just makes it much more dangerous.  At any given point you are likely to get hit by any of the siren bearing vehicle, speeding ball buster motorcycles with drivers who have no limit when it comes to speed, or that little mother of four in her spacious black SUV!  When I departed on Saturday afternoon there was bumper to bumper at 3 mph on I-45 and then to put the icing on the cake the feeder 3 lanes of traffic were bumper to bumper.  My conclusion to all of this mayhem was I would be real glad when I hit the city limits of suburb Slaton as I made the turn to the big city of Ransom Canyon.  Now to get my wits about me while I enjoy West Texas and not feeling like I am in a war zone!!  Glad to be back!!

Movie Reviews:

“Brick Mansions”, **, This movie stars Paul Walker, Catalina Demis, and David Relle(actors you won’t recognize except for the fact that Walker was killed in real life in an automobile accident right after the filming of this movie) and it is about the future(but not distance future) Detroit, MI and the fall of it as a city.  The inner city was given to the drug dealers, criminals of all kinds, etc., and a brick wall was built around the inner city like a Loop.   All control was by the bad guys but the real bad guys were of course the white mayor of what was left of the city outside the walls.  Good vs. evil, etc.  Rated X for violence, language, drugs, etc.

“Mom’s Night Out”, *,  A stupid movie about a mom who wanted to go out and have fun with her friends but it just didn’t turn out that way.  Rated PG-for stupidity.( I had nothing else to do in The Woodlands.

Book Review:

“Cycle of Lies-The Fall of Lance Armstrong” by Juliet Macur.  This is a true story telling in complete detail all of the story concerning the the descent of Lance Armstrong in the cycling and multi-sport world of doping culture.  

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