Monday, June 13, 2016

Life Stuff

It is amazing how much there is to learn in this life time, so no wonder that we must live numerous lives to get it all done.  While I know the philosophy of multiple lives is not always believed by many, I do believe it with all my heart and soul.  As I am around people who have tremendous wisdom, knowledge and ability to adjust to our society I am sure this was learned by experiencing multiple lives.  These folks are commonly referred to as “old” souls by people like me who believe in this philosophy.  As I look back over my past 77 years I noticed that there are many new and different things that have come into my life, i.e. radio,  television, manual typewriter, electric typewriter, fax machine, computer, cell phone, etc., etc.  As I have watched these “new” gizmos come to life I am amazed that I did not figure out some way to make a good living or become wealthy from them, since that has happened for many computer nerds.  But on the other hand I have watched some of my friends become wealthy simply because in a previous life they learned the principle of “discipline” and have been able to practice it to almost the point of perfection.  So, rather than a mechanical or electrical gadget they have used their God given brain to apply “discipline” to their lives for the utmost success.  As I survey this life I am sure that I have learned, and continue to learn, many principles of life that will guide me through the next life.  To me real success is measured by the satisfaction you feel in all your daily activities.  While I have found myself going through a complete inventory of my 77 years, I have been able to recognize my successes but also my failures and view both as opportunities to learn and carry forward to the next life.  So, bottom line here is that I want to keep myself physically fit and mentally fit to continue to learn for the future.  

Movie Reviews:  

“Equals”, ***, To my knowledge this movie did not make the Lubbock market; however, I was able to view it on pay TV.  It displays an advanced modern sci fi society without emotions.  If emotions do start to come out in an individual they are basically diagnosed as unfit and given some type of pill that ultimately brings on an early death or suicide.  Of course the story evolves around boy and girl who of course discover “feelings” for each other.  This is an extreme no-no(it did not cover how re-production was handled) and became the battle of how they would be able to be together and enjoy being in love! Rated PG, some passion scenes, but mostly a clean movie.

“Money Monster”, **, George Clooney accepts another pay check for doing nothing, as a star of a financial TV show, and Julia Roberts breaks the record for saying “g...d...., and doing very little acting.  The story is very light even though it had potential.  A young man loses all of his income, savings, etc., in an investment the Clooney character had recommend he buy.  So, he takes over the TV station and threatens to shoot everyone in site if justice is not done. Rated  R for language, sexuality and violence.

“The Lobster”, ***, A very strange movie that is hard to define as to what the message really is.  It concerns romance, marriage, re-incarnation, murder, and good acting.  Plus, the re-incarnation involves finding a marriage partner within a 45 day period or being killed and coming back in life as an animal of choice.  Colin Farrell plays the part of a man looking for a relationship but has already decided that if he has to die and come back, he would like to return as a lobster.  So, I will leave the rest of the story for the viewers to watch and determine if this is about the most bizarre movie you will see in a while.  Rated R for sexual content, including dialogue, and violence. 

“The Nice Guys”, **, Another movie with great stars, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as way out, far off private investigators and wasted.  With no real plot, that I could discover, they do slap stick comedy as two bit private investigators.  Basically a waste of money in my opinion.  Rated R for violence, sexuality, nudity, language and drug use.  

Book Review:

While I started with “Killing Patton”, by O’Reilly and finished it with great satisfaction, I then jumped into “Killing Lincoln” and  “Killing Jesus.”  These are very well done books and have great historical information surrounding the main plot.  I give them each five stars.

Now reading “The Boys in the Boat”, a true five star story concerning the sport of rowing that centers on the Olympic gold medal winners of the 1936 Olympic Games in Germany.  It is more than just a sports book and with over 300 pages it it well done and enjoyable to read. 

EA, SH.....:)!



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