Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Computers Suck, The Apple, Movie Reviews

Well I must say these computers really confuse me some time and I must confess they can make me really frustrated and angry.  After spending two hours writing my blog for this month and doing my movie reviews I went through the process of posting and completely erased all of my work.  So, to tame my anger and frustration I went through some of my old paper files, just because I could, and they turned out to be about some negative times of my life, so that moved my attitude into another space probably defined as depression.  Then I thought this is so stupid to go back into 10 year old files and remind myself of these times when they are dead and gone.  My resolved is to clean these files out completely and throw away all of the negative stuff.  There is no need to keep them since the subjects are past and resolved so why torture myself.  While I guess it might be interesting reading after I move on to the next life, and everyone is going through my things wondering about all of this stuff.  Again, another reason to rid my files and put them in the trash.  Resolve:  All of the negative files will be gone by the end of today.

My blog subject that was destroyed by me while trying to save and post, was simply about the condition of our world today and how our society must really put a feeling of failure on the original inhabitants of this world, ole Adam and Eve.  While I agree the world had to start some where and God decided on the creation of man and woman, the apple, the decision to take a bite and the sudden awareness that nakedness meant something.  So, now we have a world, a man and woman, with these new concepts in their life and the realization that temptation and consequences is now part of life.  Now we have the choice of good and evil with a welcome mat set out by satan and God.  As I look at the world today I still believe there are more good than evil people; however, all of the bad get more notoriety than the good so it seems that evil wins.  Well according to all of the good books that is not the case, and good wins over evil every time.  Bottom line is I ask all of the evil people to drop your arms and embrace the good people and we will all live happily ever after!!  Great idea and I feel much better about this subject!!

Movie Reviews:

“Bone Tomahawk”, *, While I had been wondering where all the westerns have gone to I got my wish for a new one.  But, I didn’t ask for a bad one, which this one is.  While Kurt Russell is one of my favorites he has to be embarrassed over this poor excuse of a western.  The setting is a very small West Texas town on the border of New Mexico that is being attacked by a cannibal Indian tribe.  Very little story line or plot, but very gory and bloody.  Only watch with this warning and free!!  Rated R for violence.

“The Intern”, ***, This is a very good movie that touches on retirement at 65, boredom at 70, and the return to the work force as an intern.  Robert De Niro plays the retired guy and Anne Hathaway plays the 30 something founder and owner of a fashion online business.  The story really shows the true existence of the 30’s working with the 70’s and how it can work.  Entertaining and really good points of life.  Rated PG-13 for some suggestive content and brief strong language.  

“The Martian”, ****, Before going to see this movie imagine yourself stranded and left by yourself on Mars.  Now remember that it takes four years or so to get back to Earth.  Matt Damon plays the astronaut who is left behind and he does a great job of playing the part and showing what can be done to survive, until rescued.  This is a well done movie and worth the price of the ticket, popcorn, drink and entertainment from great acting and script.  Rated PG-13 for some strong language, injury images, and brief nudity. 

“Sicario”, ***.  This is a very good, very violent movie concerning the law enforcement fight against the powerful drug cartels in Juarez, Mexico.  Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro play FBI special agents that are trained to put the bad guys away.  The story line is very good and the acting is the same.  Go see if you can tolerate the violence.  Rated R for strong violence grisly images, and language. 

“Bridge of Spies”, *****,  Another great true story starring Tom Hanks.  The story concerns the shooting down of the U.S. pilot Francis Gary Powers in his U-2 spy plane.  This was during the latter 50’s and set up the negotiation of the trade for Powers and a college student for convicted Russian spy Rudolf Abel.  A very good script and acting to match it.  Rated PG-13 for some violence and brief strong language. 

“Burnt”, ****,  Bradley Cooper plays an award winning Chef who goes into a drug/alcohol meltdown in Paris.  He goes to New Orleans to try and recover and then works his way back to Paris.  This is a great movie illustrating the emotional driven life style of world class Chef’s.  A very good movie well worth the time and effort to see.  Rated R for language throughout.  

EA, SH.........:)!



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