Thursday, February 23, 2017

Shut Up, Movie Reviews

What is foremost on my mind is the CONSTANT NEWS about our new President of the United States of America.  I have promised myself I will not mention his name and will be content with writing something as positive as possible, about our lives and times with this new type  of leadership.  For the life of me I have never seen in my 78 years a person who has to have the headlines no matter what he is doing.  I am sure he must demand an applause for every bowel movement or orgasm he experiences and must have at least 25 giant mirrors in his 85 bedroom home with golden fixtures, etc., etc., to stare at all his wonders.  Now at this point I have still not mentioned his name and that will remain my main goal in writing this, since he certainly gets his amount of coverage in all the magazines, newspapers, television, radio, etc.  So, what is my purpose of even writing this and how will I possibly make any sense of it if I don’t mention his name?  Well for starters what I would like to do is offer him some advice, after all I am older than he is and have done way more triathlons than he would ever imagine to to accomplish, and I am shorter than he is but my hair is still its’ original color and it is all mine, so all these points give me the right to voice my opinion.  Before I make another point I would like to add that I did not vote for either of the major candidates, but I did vote for the third party friend of mine, Gary Johnson.  No, I don’t agree my vote was wasted, since it was cast and counted.  Now, to my main point of the day is that I would like to ask the winning candidate of the presidential election, to SHUT HIS MOUTH just long enough to start accomplishing his many campaign promises and take his two feet out of his mouth and get on with being president.  Most of the negative things that come out in the media are as a result of what has been uttered from the presidential big mouth ego!  So, please get on with it and quit patting yourself on the back so much!!

Movie Reviews:

“A Dog’s Purpose”, *****, This is a very clever story about a dog who is re-incarnated and comes back to life with a series of new masters.  During the re-incarnations over a period of 50 years, this do realizes its’ real purpose as a pet to its’ owners.  Great positive movie for extreme relaxation.  Rated PG for thematic elements and peril!

“The Founder”, ****,  A true story involving the creation and ultimate success of the infamous McDonald hamburger fast food chain.  Michael Keaton plays the 1954 traveling salesman, Ray Kroc, who discovers the two McDonald brothers providing low cost, fast food hamburgers in Southern California.  While speedy hamburgers were not Kroc’s thing, the idea of making this fast food delight a world wide franchise was for sure.  Since there is a McDonald’s on most busy corners, it was fun to watch how it all happened.  Rated PG-13, strong language.  

“Gold”, ***, Gold is a movie based on SOMEWHAT of a true story.  When giving it the old google fact check exercise I found that there was probably more hollywood made up facts than real facts, say 90% fiction and 10% true.  A real person by the name of Kenny Wells(a miner) played by Matthew McConaughey supposingly with his partner, a geologist, finds a billion dollar gold find in the uncharted jungles of Indonesia.  When the final truth comes out, this all turned out to be a bogus find and while some money was made on the speculation through Wall Street, there really was very little money made on real gold.  McConaughey is excellent in the part but absolutely carries the movie with strong acting!  Bryce Dallas Co-stars as the girl friend and wife and they make a great couple.  Interesting to watch but beware of the made up vs the truth!  Rated R, language and sexuality, nudity.

“Fifty Shades Darker”, ****, Well those who liked Fifty Shades of Grey, will like this even more.  It has a new director and that really changed the quality of the soft porn movie, but with a good romance story line.  This time there is a little different approach to their sex scenes(most of the bondage was taken out) and they are much more realistic.  In the last version we found Anastasia Steele breaking off with billionaire Christian Grey and now we find them moving back together and that is what the movie is all about.  It is well done and stimulating, to say the least!  Rated R, strong erotic sexual content, nudity and language.

“Hidden Figures”, *****,  Another true story that many will not be aware of.  It has a best picture nominee for an Oscar.  This is the hidden story concerning the use of exceptional smart “colored” women during the development of the USA space program.  Tarajl P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae played the three outstanding black Americans who, with their mathematical skills, pushed the early space craft into orbit.  This was when John Glenn came on the scene and the space program literally took off!  Great story, very entertaining and gives the viewer some great historical times in the USA space development time period.  Rated PG, thematic elements and language, (lots of smoking, since that is what they did back then!)

“John Wick:  Chapter 2”, ***, If you like John Wick Chapter 1, you will like 2 also.  Keanu Reeves returns as the retired super-assassin whose desire to stay retired just will not be left alone by his past employers.  Seems as though no one kills like he does so they want him back.  Since he refuses, they(the real bad guys), decide to assassinate him.  Watch out here bro’s since John Wick does not go down without killing at least thousands of bad guys with a pistol(it holds a lot of bullets)!  But when he runs out of bullets he steals the gun off the bad guy, shoots him twice in the head and three times in the stomach, then stabs him with a knife, but he also has some bullets left in the pistol.  Also, he does have a new dog!  Rated R,  strong violence, language and nudity.

EA, SH,.......:)



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