Sunday, July 10, 2016

Over Serviced, Movie Reviews

To make things simple I was sent to the Super Wal Mart to pick up two flower pots, that were purchased online.  So, they were paid for, set aside and ready to be picked up!  NOT!  These were two items that would ordinarily be in the garden department, but since they were already bought and paid for online they were in the “pick up orders” department away from the garden.  So, after receiving instructions on where to go, and was assured by the head guy in the garden department that if my items were not ready for pick up I could come back and he would get them for me since he had them sitting on the shelf(he pointed them out to me).  So, I was assured that I would get them one way or the other!  After arriving at the “pick up orders” department I found that there was no one there, so I waited patiently and then in about 5 minutes someone did come and ask me if I could be helped.  I explained what I was there for and showed him my receipts, etc.  He said please wait a few minutes since he was waiting on someone else.  So, I waited another 10 minutes and a completely different guy came up and ask if he could help me.  I explained to him what I needed and he disappeared as he said, “I will take care of it!”  Some 10 minutes later another completely different guy came up and ask if he could help me!  Of course I gave him the same story again and he said he would take care of it as he disappeared behind closed doors.  As I was waiting another 10 minutes another completely different guy came up and guess what he said, yep you got it, “he ask if he could help me!”  By now my voice is being raised as I tell him the same story and I add that these pots are available in the garden department and I can go back there and get them!  He advises me that the computer will not allow them to take any items out of inventory from one department to another, but assures me he will take care of it, as he leaves the room.  Now about another 10 minutes a nice young man comes on the scene and asks, “can I help you?”  Wow, have I heard this before?  So, I tell him what I am there for and he says I will take care of it.  So, he opens one of the doors, sticks his arm inside the other room and comes back with my two items.  I thank him profusely and tell him he got done what four others couldn’t He just stared at me with no expression as to say, what is the big deal?  After 40 minutes of waiting for my items that were right there behind the door, I concluded that I had been controlled by the computer again!!  As I left I noticed that all five of my guys were standing outside this “pick up orders” room in their snappy Wal Mart uniforms looking like they really did not know what was going on.  In the mean time here is the largest retail company of its’ kind in the world, with five employees being paid to wait on one person five times.  Just doesn’t make sense to me, but I will say the flower pots are looking good in the back yard and this is a true story!!

Movie Reviews,Note:  There are not many reviews this time because there are really not that many decent movies showing this time of year.

“Free State of Jones”, ***,  While they tried to make this into some kind of epic, I feel they failed miserably.  While the acting of Matthew McConaughey as Mississippi farmer Newton Knight was excellent it was not enough to elevate this movie.  While the movie is a true story taking place during and after the Civil War, the real story revolves around Mr. Knight  deserting his position with the Confederate Army, and creating his own small group of turn coats(including white, black, slaves and freed slaves).  He incorporates it within the Free State of Jones County and makes his point to the Union, with very little resources.  When creating this new state within Mississippi he proclaimed that “no man ought to stay poor so another man can get rich,” referring of course to the rich plantation owners.  Rated R:  Brutal battle scenes and disturbing graphic images(lots of blood)!

“Central Intelligence”, *, One of the worst movies I have seen this year and not worthy of anymore than the one star.  Dwyane Johnson and Kevin Hart are wasted and should not be worthy of a pay check.  The early part of the story has to do with their high school days and then evolves into their adult life and Johnson as a CIA person and Hart as a business manager.  It was a poor story line and really stupid, mainly showing off the muscles of Johnson and the poor story line and script.  Rated PG-13 for crude and suggestive humor, nudity, action violence and strong language.

“The Lobster”,**,  This is a very strange movie staring a very strange actor, Colin Farrell. As a recently divorced person Mr. Farrell enrolls himself into The Hotel where he is informed he must find a new mate within 45 days or he will be transformed into his choice of animal and released.  His choice is to be a lobster because he feels they live good lives and have great intellect.  So, without going into anymore completely off the wall description of the movie, I suggest you pull up the complete synopsis of the movie before buying a ticket.  Rated R, sexual content, including dialogue, and violence. 

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