Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mission Statement: Universal Triathlon Alliance

The mission statement for Universal Triathlon Alliance will remain the same as in 1994: To offer benefits and values to the life blood of the sport, the age group athlete and race directors.

Be on the look out for the details of how this is going to be accomplished.

Congratulations to John Ricca, one of our original board members who agreed to serve with UTA again. He has been in the sport for a number of years, serving the South Midwest USAT Region and has been a very quality, active competitor for the same amount of years. His feedback has always been appreciated and we look forward to having him work with us in the future.

We also received word from Pamela Galbraith, California, that she will be willing to serve also. She was an original member of the board and has extensive experience and knowledge of the sport. Thanks to Pam for helping.

We are heading to Kona, for the real, "Ironman", will report back upon return.

Mike Greer


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