Monday, April 03, 2006

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Moving into the age group of so called Senior Citizens has been a very weird feeling for me. While I am in that group, based on my birth date, I never hang around people my age that much. So, when I noticed a free "Senior News", Lubbock Edition, at the post office the other day I picked it up. It's motto is, "Serving Senior Citizens with Information to Improve the Best Time of Life...TODAY!" My first reaction to this rag when I glanced down at it, was what is the difference between Senior news and the other news I read in the Lubbock AJ, USA Today or The Dallas Morning News? If I read an article about the most recent W man screw ups in Iraq, they are screw ups whether they are reported in the Senior News or the Dallas Morning News. So, I took a look at some of the ingredients and here is what I found on the front page headlines: "End-Of-Life wishes vary among racial and ethnic groups, genders," Study explores views of Arab Americans, Hispanics, blacks and (let's not forget White folks). Many Arab Americans would prefer not to got to a nursing home as they near the end of their lives, while many African Americans are comfortable with nursing homes and hospitals. Many Hispanic people are strongly concerned about dying with dignity. And many white people(would we be called White Americans?)don't want their families to take care of them(boy am I in that category, if I were forced to stay with my oldest daughter, for some God forbid reason, she would have me smothered the first day), but they-like members of other racial and ethnic groups-want their families nearby as they live out their last days.(That is kind of comical, since how do you know when your last days are and what if you move close by and still live another 20 years?) Basically to bottom line this headline I would say that obviously with ethnic and religious differences throughout the world there will be varied opinions, no one size fits all for this one. We were having a discussion the other day about funerals, and I commented that I liked going to a good funeral. Now let me explain, my definition of a good funeral among Christians, is that if they truly believe they will be rejoicing for the deceased and the minister should be pointing out the reasons why we should rejoice. First, if you are truly Christian you will believe that the deceased has truly gone on to a better place. We know that is true because the good book says so. So, we should be happy for that person. Now, the only negative cruncher on this would be if the deceased had some deep dark secrets that we weren't aware of and they actually gained the lottery ticket to hell. Well I guess that is another story for another day. Other tidbits from the Senior News: "Home Plate Diner,"-10% off to Senior Citizens, "Can You Bite Into An Apple,"-In one short procedure you can have tightly fitting dentures, ""Walk In Tub,"-Dignity, Independence, Safety, Guaranteed lowest price," Medicare Covers Erectile Dysfunction Correction,"-Nothing impacts the sexual health and well being of a couple and their intimate relationship more than erectile dysfunction(ED). The male erection involves a very complicated interaction of many of the body's systems. For many, the first-choice of treatment for ED should be vacuum Therapy." Of course my comments on this are simple. Why worry about Medicare on this and have the natural pump of life performed by the receiving partner. Go ahead and figure that one out. So much for Seniors, even though I might add the above solution for ED will work for all concerned, not just Seniors.

Haven't seen any movies lately but here are some must sees: Basic Instinct 2-Risk Addiction, The Libertine, Inside Man, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector.

The new women's basketball coach to succeed retired Hall of Fame Coach, Marsha Sharp, is Ms. Kristy Curry former Head Coach of Purdue. She brings a strong work ethic and winning attitude to an already very successful program. Texas Tech Lady Raiders and the third in the country in fan attendance at home games, with an other 12,000 fans per game. Coach Sharp will remain at Tech in the athletic department.

Noticed where it costs more to be cremated if you are obese. The article sited an example of a woman who died weighing 457 pounds and since the limit for no surcharge was 300 pounds they put her body on ice, until the family or someone could pay the difference. My thoughts are, it just doesn't pay to die fat!

With the kiss and makeup of USAT/WTC all of the BSLT Triathlon events are now sanctioned by USAT. Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3, Tri Raider Sprint, Buffman & Squeaky international distance and Iron Girl Texas Sprint are all carrying the red, white and blue banner.

Off to Ironman Arizona to work the expo booth and observe some friends that are competing. Randy Holloway from Lubbock will be doing his first Ironman distance race. He has been training real hard and I have had the opportunity to do some bike training rides with him. He is dedicated, and focused to perform at his highest level possible and will do excellent.



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