Monday, January 23, 2006

In place of Monday Night Football

This past weekend I was very thankful to Jerry Jones for buying the Dallas Cowboys. Because of his purchase of my ex-beloved Cowboys I was able to get lots done and some training. My reasoning for this will make sense once I explain. Mr. Jones is the guy that bought the Cowboys and completely screwed them up, so they are no longer in the play offs and I really don't care who else is playing, so I get more done around the hacienda and training. I started watching the Cowboys from day one, ole shorty Eddie Labaron(the shortest quarterback to ever play the professional game @ 5' 7" and one tough muther) was the starting quarterback and Dandy Don Meredith came next. Oh those were the good ole days, now past. I did like Jimmy Johnson a lot and enjoyed his victories and style of coaching. But typically Mr. Jones had to screw that up to, so back to cleaning the garage, petting the dogs, and doing a training bike ride with Marti. Not a bad trade off actually and we we able to clean out the garage and do an outdoor ride on the bikes.

My observations made during the cleaning of the garage is still kind of confusing and I ask the simple question, where the hell did all of this stuff come from and what do we do with it? Some of it is Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon back 16 years ago, and some of it is my ole tool box my father gave me. Funny thing about that tool box is that when my father gave me that he figured that all of the frustations he had about me not being a mechancially minded person would be remedied by the gift of this shiny black, Sears Craftsman tool box. I had never been very gifted along the lines of mechancis and I am convinced my father had considered trading me in shortly after he discovered this. But, alas I could play the game of football very well and this redeemed my mechanical inabilities to such a point he kept me after all. We had a lot of fun talking the game when I played, then going to the games after my playing days were over. We both watched the game the same way and really enjoyed watching the plays develop and being completely frustrated with listening to the people in the stands that did not know a thing about the game, but seemed to have all of these great opinions to how the team should be doing. So, this ole tool box brought back some great memories, even though my father has been gone to that great tool box in the sky for over 15 years, and I am again thankful to Mr. Jones for providing me some very good quality time. The training ride with Marti was great, but for some reason we were both very tired after the ride and elected to drink a couple of beers, eat some wholesome Dr. Weir recommended food and then went to bed for a good nights sleep. Buffman and Squeaky were pooped also, since they beat us to bed and were tucked in before we were. They are getting ready for the May 21 Buffman & Squeaky Internatinal triathlon and seem to be getting very up tight over it already. I commented to Buffman, "hey dude, take a break and calm down, it is four months off till the event, so cool it." He is generally very cool and then Sqeaky starts doing her thing, you know biting on his legs, rolling in front of him and generally just being a pest. Of course then he figures out that he must become the head dog of the house and starts barking and growling. That sends Squeaky into a real dizzy and the fun begins. Athletes be ready, since your hosts are pumped for the event to get here.

Tidbits from the world of news: "Have you noticed that Dick Cheney has been walking around with a cane lately? He said that he really didn't need the cane. He just liked the idea that a tree had to be cut down to make it."--Jay Leno "The Alito hearingsw are so dull that that woman in Cincinnati who was dead in front of her TV for two years--she got up and turned them off."--David Letterman "The guy who invented LSD celebrates his 100th birthday tomorrow. Yeah, he plans to spend the day surrounded by friends, family and a 9-ft.-tall unicorn."--Conan O'Brien "

In the next few days watch for postings on the subject of, "You(And Your Brain) are what you eat", plus "The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind."

Before signing off for tonight I must give two movie revues: Saturday was one of those days that seemed great for a movie, so we went to two movies back to back in two different movie houses. First, we saw "Brokeback Mountain" at Movies 16, rated *****stars by the local rating person. Can't really disagree with him, but should warn that the sub plotting may be disturbing to some. Instead of the 20 year love affair being with man and woman it was with man and man. But, the movie was very well directed, acted and produced. Regardless of the "out of the box" scenes and story line it was a great movie. Just be prepared to see men engage in sexually orchestrated sex and do some frontal lip sucking kissing. The acting was great and the setting in Wyoming was breathtaking. Second, we made the exit as fast as possible out of Blow, um I mean Brokeback and headed to Tinseltown to see "Road To Glory", the story of the 1965 National College Baskeball Championship win by Texas Western College, El Paso, Texas over the mighty Kentucky Wildcats(I think), winner of 5 previous National Championships. The story here is one I remember vividly and the first time any Division 1 school had started 5 black players. It was definetly an out of the box story and the results changed the game of basketball and opened up vast opportunities for the black athletes in America to compete in the major college conferences and later in the pro leagues. Again, it was well directed, acted and produced. I give it a 5 ***** rating and guarantee you will enjoy it, even if you do know the outcome.

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