Monday, February 06, 2006

My wish for the day!

Sometimes I wish I was a celebrity for just about a day or maybe a week or maybe even a month, but no longer. Here's my thought on this and why it is my wish. I just got through reading Tom Arnold's blog site of his trip to the Super Bowl. I didn't really search this site out nor I am a particular fan of his, but I just saw it pop up on AOL and decided to visit Mr. Arnold's(since I don't really know him I will call him Mr. one time, then it will be Tom) site and see what he had to say. Well I do admit I love his sense of humor and I kind of enjoyed what he had to say, but what really gets me is that he can say just about anything, use just about any kind of language and it is thought of as "cute" and "entertaining," plus he is not banned for life for saying bad words(I can't put them here because this is a family site and I promised Marti I would stay clean mouthed). Another example that is real close to home on this happened at the Annual USAT Race Directors Conference in Colorado Springs last month. There were three guest key-note speakers, each speaking on separate days. They offered quite a variety in professions and background, one being a nationally syndicated cartoonist, one being a former professional bicycle racer(now one of the head commentators on OLN Tour De France) and the third being a former track/bobsled Olympian, now Olympian commentator on NBC. While all of their presentations were very good and entertaining what I noticed was the former bike racer used the word "man shaft" when talking about Jan Ullrich, the famous bike racer from Germany, and the track/bobsled person used the f--- word in her presentation. The cartoonist was completely Mr. Clean jeans, but very entertaining. There usage of these words didn't bother me at all and the rest of the crowd laughed till their sides ached, so I guess it didn't bother them either. But, I recall last year at the same conference in San Francisco I took the podium as the Interim Executive Director and when ask how Marti and I were handling being apart while I did my job in Colorado Springs, I simply said, "well we are able to meet at events across the country and do a little honeymooning during the weekends." Well, is that well put or what? Obviously not, since someone sent an e-mail complaining about my filthy mouth on the podium. The funny thing is that if that person really wants a potty mouth I can really do the job right. However, I really didn't see anything wrong with what I said, even thought it was a little cute, but lo and behold some do gooder race director thought I was bad news. So, I know if I had been a celebrity that would not have happened and they would have thought it was real cute. Maybe some day!!


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