Friday, March 03, 2006

Here we go again, loving the new action in the sport of triathlon

It has been a few days since my last posting and my readers(now totaling 6) want more. Well the sport of triathlon is back in the news, in the triathlon sporting news that is since the rest of the world really doesn't care, with the announcement of two new organizations to serve the sport. First, there was the announcement of the new West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference, headquartered on the UCLA campus, with Mr. Marcus George as its' founder and president. He was motivated to create this new organization, based on his own words, simply because the national governing body of the sport, USA Triathlon, was not serving the collegiate side of the sport. He said that all USAT really does is put on a collegiate national championship, of course incorporated with another race, and beyond that nothing. Greerman comment-from what I can gather Marcus has some good points and from my experience I really do not know of any real programs, within USAT, to help grow the sport through the collegiate teams or clubs. I was aware of the National Championship event but really gave it no serious thought. When I was the interim executive director for 6 months I don't remember this subject coming up at all. Check his web site out @ Second, there was an announcement yesterday concerning the new organization, North America Triathlon Association(NATA), headed up by Mr. Steve Locke, the former successful 13 year executive director of USA Triathlon. Mr. Locke states that he is offering an alternative selection for the race directors to chose from in their insurance needs. He feels that there is a place in the market for this and he has made the business decision to offer this. With his past knowledge of the sport and his tremendous success in building USAT from a struggling, near broke Federation, to a very prosperous($2 million saved in the rainy day fund, plus $500m annually in profits, oops, reserves) member of the USOC I am sure he will stir up the triathlon pot a little bit. Greerman comments-While I know the diehards of USAT will start crying foul play here, we don't need anymore organizations in the sport, we have it all with USAT. Allow me to point out as a strong advocate of the capitalist, free enterprise system, if the current mouse trap is not doing the job there will be another one come along. Many people think that Henry Ford invented the automobile, wrong, what he invented was the method to mass produce the automobile so that everyone could afford to have one in their family. The better mass production mouse trap had not been created for the automobile, so through the free enterprise system he was able to do that. Another point here is that if the new mouse trap doesn't do it, it will not last. Check out the web sites on the new org, editorial on, and LONG LIVE THE FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM of creating the atmosphere for better things!!!


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