Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mike Greer to Seoul Korea, Wildcat football over, Birthday over, Movie review

As has been said by some famous person over the years, all good things must come to an end, at some point. Such was the great football season of 2006 for the Littlefield Wildcats. The game was a very hard fought game and everything you would expect out of two finalists for the State Championship. They both deserved to be there and I feel, without going into much detail, that the best overall team won that night. With the score of 32-14 it would sound like a mini-runaway, but it really was not. The last touchdown for Tatum came in the closing seconds and the rest of game was a test of two offenses, while contrasting in personality, to see who could put more scores on the board. The defenses also seemed to come out of their shell and exhibited some fine plays. Tatum had won the state championship the previous year, so they came into the game with championship poise and confidence. While the Littlefield tradition centers around winning and being in the playoffs, starting in 1936, they had not be in a state finals playoff game since 1982. While they had made other advances in the playoffs this was their first "big" one in 24 years. With nearly 10,000 in attendance it was great high school football. Now back to the drawing boards for 2007.

The December 16th birthday gig is also over, and thank goodness. If I have to answer the question, "how does it feel to be 68," one more time I think I will blow my lid. The answer is of course, I don't feel any different than a week ago, but I do feel different than when I was 18, 28, 38, 48, and even 58. So, there you have it folks, then on to magical 69 and then to 70. Just can't wait for the questions on that one.

Got news Sunday that son Mike Greer(please, not a junior) will take his new United States Diplomatic post in Seoul, Korea. His is currently in Frankfurt, Germany. After some extensive language training he will move his family(wife, 3 kids) and take his new post in 2008. This guy is also a Major in the US Army active reserves and has served a tour in Iraq and Bosnia. We discussed how many dips he will get on retirements and it is nearly as many as former President(the elder)George H.W. Bush. One thing I know is that the USA is in good hands with this diplomat, and the good news is that he didn't learn his diplomacy from me. He is the real deal!! We are very proud of him.

Movie review: Eragon" ***, if you like stories about flying dragons and people who ride them, you will enjoy this film. Well done with some good actors, good story and if you like this kind of movie you will probably rate it a little higher. Nothing offensive, kids might like it better than adults, even though it is an adult movie, I think.



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