Monday, August 13, 2007

Movie reviews

"No Reservations", ****, Catherine Zeta-Jones is actually a very good actress, and nice to look at. She plays a narcissistic master chef in New York City, totally obsessed with her work and fails to see the rest of the world around her. Her world then gets turned up side down when an assistant master chef is hired by her boss, plus her sister is killed in an auto wreck and the will calls for her to raise the niece. So, we have two dynamics going on at the same time, plus she is in therapy and the counseling sessions are very amusing. Aaron Eckhart plays the assistant chef and Abigail Breslin plays the nine year old niece. Very good script and excellent acting. A feel bad, feel good movie. Prime time tickets are justified.

"Hairspray", ****, While our local Kerns gave it five stars I am holding for four. My main motivation was to see Travolta in drag, and that was worth it. Total musical all the way, and no I didn't see the original, and very well done. It was a cause movie, to some degree, exploring prejudice and fighting for integration during the early 60's. Nikki Blonski is a revelation as Tracy, the caring student who stumbles into her first civil rights movement. The singing and dancing scene with Travolta and Blonski is classic. Go see in prime time, it is worth it. But, beware, if you don't like musicals you will not like this. Kind of like my advice on Bourne, if you don't like chase scenes don't go see it.

My next blog will address the perils and curses of being an athlete. It has been on my mind for the past week, but I haven't decided exactly how to address it. But I will get there and by then maybe it will make sense.



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