Friday, September 14, 2007

Bowling, Movie Review

Bowling sucks!! No, that is not correct, bowing does not suck, my bowling sucks! I have always heard that bowling is like golf, it is a eye to hand coordination thing and that is the secret to having the highest score in bowling or the lowest score in golf. Well on Wednesday if the eye to hand coordination was the key to knocking down the pins, my eyes were in Juarez and my hands were in Hamburg since nothing seemed to work. Generally when the going gets tough and the Coors silver bullet begins to tap in the pins tend to fall, but no matter how cold the beer was it just didn't click. The other thing that usually happens is the one bad game happens, then bingo the other two are good. But, not this week! It just wasn't made to be and now I am looking forward to next week to redeem myself. Also, what happens is your partner will tend to go in the same direction, again must be the eye watching the bad bowling and the hand guiding the ball into the gutter. Oh well, the beer was cold, the popcorn was fresh, the fellowship was great and there will be a next week. I keep telling my hands and eyes, just knock down the damn pins, that is the whole idea. Sometimes those pins seem to have a smirk on their face and just stand up firm and like at attention in the military. Next week the M & M team will get some revenge.

Movie Review: "Becoming Jane", ****, Somewhat of a girlie movie, but a true story and a very good one. No action, sex, bad language, nudity or anything like that. So, you ask how did that happen in this day in time? The title's Jane is Jane Austen, portrayed by Anne Hathaway, a young girl who defies the wishes of her mother to become a writer, and never marries. The story is sound and well presented, and the acting is great. Rated PG-brief nudity(must have been asleep at the switch, I don't remember any nudity), mild language(again, no memory of more than, "oh gosh." A movie to go see after seeing all of the shoot 'em ups, car crashes, cussing, etc.



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