Friday, September 07, 2007

5 and 2 minute friendships, Movie reviews

This past Labor Day weekend was great for riding the Hog and seeing the Rockies. After loading up the saddles bags, putting on the leather and filling up with gas I headed North to that beautiful state of Colorado. My journey took me to Colorado Springs first, then to Cripple Creek than on to Ft. Collins. It just so happened that they were having a nice motorcycle rally called, "Thunder Mountain" with up to 100,000 bikes coming in from all over the country. It was a special trip since my ole buddy Steve Locke(yea, that same guy of USAT executive director fame, who led the Federation to greatness, richness, and is a shoo in for the new Hall of Fame) and I were to team up our Hogs and head to the mountains for some cool riding. We did do that for 3 days and wrapped it up with a ride through the Rocky Mountain National Park. Extremely breath taking with a total elevation of 12,020, no guard rails on some of the ascent and spectacular scenery. At times it actually looked like a painting instead of the real thing. There were also times when it was somewhat scary, like what happens if I get too close to the edge or what happens if I have a blow out, or what happens if I just decide to fly off of that dude. Well, getting a little carried away here and not any of those thoughts really came to mind(he he). Now, the rest of the story. During this little excursion I noticed that people would want to make conversations in various situations that I decided to make note of and label, 5 and 2 minute friendships. By this I would mean there would be conversation for about that period of time and then off on the continuation of the trip. Most of the conversation was like useless and trivial, but did happen none the less. My first encounter was during the stopping of the Hog to put on my rain suit for the first time. This was just before entering Dumas, Texas and with a giant cloud in front of me I elected to be dry than wet, so I pulled over. Since I ride by myself it was an easy decision and didn't take a committee to figure it out. After I started putting the suit on I looked back and there were two motorcycles who pulled over and decided to do the same thing. They engage in the typical conversation, "where you from, where you going?, etc." After this little chit chat we were on our way(even though I did say, quite prophetically,"it damn sure better rain after all this work getting this thing on." I decide then to label this kind of talk as the 5 minute friendship, trivial stuff but it only lasts 5 minutes. Funny thing is I saw this same pair at a gas station about an hour later, so we engaged in more trivial stuff, then went on our way. My next friendship came at the park bench in Cripple Creek, while making a phone call on the trusty ole cell phone I noticed three seniors making out a picnic lunch from one of those wicker lunch baskets. It was a complete meal and definitely not from the bearded KFC guys' place. My phone call was a bout 20 minutes and they ate through the whole thing. After I finished the call I walked by their table and said, "boy that looked good, wish I had been invited to join you, I am so hungry." Well they were surprised that I said this, but did want me to join them(not really but felt they should since I must have looked hungry). I said thanks but no thanks I had some riding to do. In passing one of the ladies said, "nice outfit" referring to my black leathers. What a group, this might have potential for a 10 minute friendship, but left anyway to ride the Rockies. The came the BMW rider with the real bad hair day. I mentioned that I was having a real bad hair day and he agreed, but he should have looked in the mirror to really appreciate what I was getting at. Then as I was checking out of the hotel the next morning a real nice looking lady was sitting in the hotel lobby and said, "I really like how you are dressed and that black leather looks great."(What is the deal here??, Never had this happen before!!). I thanked her, reduced the swelling in my head and ego with a swig of chocolate milk and climbed on the Hog. While on my way to Ft. Collins I stopped to fill up and some guy pulled up to the pump behind me. He was a cowboy for sure and said, "nice bike, great day for a ride." I told him thanks and that I always wanted a horse instead of the Hog, but never seemed to get one. He said he had always had a horse and wanted a Hog, but never seemed to get one. We exchanged more trivial then off to the rest of the Rockies. While shopping at the expo for more black leather and other stuff a lady approached me and said, "do you know who you look like?" Well since I generally get this question at least once a day, on my travels, I said yes, "either Kris Kristosterson, or Willie Nelson, depending on whether I have my beard or my black hat on). She chose Kris and her daughter chose Willie. Go figure!! But, they had their picture made with me in either setting, I bought something from them and then off to the rest of the show. Now I think you see how these 5 minute friendships work. My 2 minute friendships worked a little different and involved 2 senior men(at least 65, white tennis shoes, polyester pants, for this label). One approached me in the 7/11 while I was filling up with gas, he said,"nice boots, I like those!" I said thanks and that I like to have plenty of protection for my feet. At the next fill up some 150 miles South another senior came up and said, "man I like that motorcycle and how long does it take to get it so clean?" I was a little taken by that question since the Hog was quite dirty from going through a mountain rain. I just said, "an hour and a half and I need to get on it now, plus I said thanks!" Now these friendships are nice and this is the first time I have taken notes on them, but it became very amusing after a while. This made a great trip even greater and I appreciate the hospitality of the Lockeman, and look forward to our next ride up and down Highway I in California.

Movie reviews: "Death At A Funeral", half star, A British movie with strange twist of humor about the death of their friend. Hard for me to understand because of the accents, but I did get the idea. Off the wall, sick humor in some cases, not worth seeing. Wish I had my money back. Went to see it in one of those older movie houses to show the off the wall stuff. While I noticed a lot of people laughing I just didn't think it was that funny.

"September Dawn", * One star for great popcorn and great acting. A really depressing movie based on true facts from Mormon history. The story was about the Mount Meadow Massacre in 1857, a real dark spot in Mormon history and one they just soon forget and wished everyone else had. Even if only half was true the story is very depressing and just wasn't enjoyable. I was interested in it since I had been associated with the Mormon's for a number of years and wanted to see how this was handled on the silver screen. Brigham Young was really sour in this one, of course with 27 wives who could blame him. Save your money, don't even buy the DVD.

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