Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lubbock, we have a problem, Movie Reviews

Remember the saying from space, "Houston, we have a problem!" Well Lubbock, we have a problem and these problems are on two separate ends of the priority scale. First, I mentioned the vicious attacks of stray pit bulls on goats, horses, and children. Sounds a little dramatic but it is apparently a very serious problem and seems to be centered around this species of dog. Remember Michael Vick, the forgettable pro football player who was convicted of, and put in prison, for breeding pit bulls to engage in the illegal dog fighting arena. Well our pit bulls are being abandoned by their so called owners out on country roads, left to die or survive on their own. It is my understanding that these species are not born to fight, but they do have a strong tendency to get vicious if trained for that line of business or they go into survival mode just to get food. It is also my understanding that in the animal kingdom, when left alone by humans, animals actually service off of each other. The biggest, meanest, fastest, animal chases down the smaller, docile, slowest animal and then has a delicious breakfast of that little critter. But, in our urban society today we are not usually in that mode. Well, welcome to Lubbock, because we are!! Now to keep these critters off of the triathlon course and we will!! Promise!! While city officials are working over time to submit some kind of new ordinances, etc., something must be done to the owners, period.

In a recent social gathering I ask the simply question, "how is it that a major university in our city can pay their football coach, $1.65 million, escalating to $2.1 million in 2010, hire a Hall of Fame basketball coach, win a National ladies basketball title, build a $65 million basketball arena, make an addition to the rec center of $20 million, be listed in the top 10 of party universities in the USA, have a statue of Will Rogers on his horse(legend has it that if a virgin co-ed ever walks by this statue, he will get off the horse, of course this has never happened), make $40 million additions to the football stadium, and on and on, CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO RETAIN ACADEMIC ACCREDITATION? Yes folks our proud Texas Tech University can do all of these wondrous thing, and many more, but they seemed to have failed in one area of accreditation. This morning in the AJ there was an article about the Chancellor, who has done a great job in raising money for the university, and he said the high side of his tenure has been the raising of record numbers of dollars, but the low point was in the accreditation problem that has surfaced in the past few months. So, they are working post haste to get this problem solved. Funny thing is they give the excuse that the university has gotten to big it is hard to keep up with the many accreditation demands. Duh, wonder what THE University of Texas-Austin, or Texas A & M University does to keep up their accreditation credentials? They are twice the size of Tech and have been in business a 100 years longer. No excuse here Tech, get your act together. You have enough Vice Presidents out there that you could hang one for this stupid mistake and never miss him/her, or better still send them on a journey to clean up the pit bull problem in North Lubbock County(Buffalo Springs is in South East Lubbock County for you triathletes).

Movie Reviews: "Fool's Gold", *, Very weak movie exploiting Matthew McConaughey's curly hair and perfectly toned body. He is a good actor, but just wasted in this mess, about treasure hunting. Even the suspenseful scenes were a waste. My local critic gave it a one star and we usually never agree, but this is an exception. Rated PG-13(does anyone pay attention to these ratings?), for mature thematic material, sexual content and language.

"Jumper", *, This movie was well done except the script left a lot of the details out, i.e. where did this guy get the ability to jump through walls and across the universe, just by thinking of the place he wanted to go, and why was there a group of people set up to destroy these jumpers, also why did the mother of this jumper end up on the opposite team(against her son) and which of these two groups were the good guys or bad guys, also what was the whole point of the movie? The jumper just became a useless piece of humanity that robbed banks without getting caught and doing nothing good for society. At least Spider man became a local hero fighting crime, but not the Jumper. Possibly the sequel will answer these questions. I may go just to find out. You won't recognize any of the actors except for Samuel L. Jackson(he is on the team that kills the Jumpers), but I don't know if he is a villain or a good guy. Rated-PG-13 for sequences of intense action violence, some language and brief sexuality. Go see at your own risk.



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