Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spam, Higher learning, Movie Reviews

To most people spam is not a good word, but at one time it was a god send to our nation. Wonder why? Well hold on to your seats and I will be happy to reveal that little bit of heaven, after I get this wealth of information started. Spam to the tri-geeks is really a big ole bad word and they cringe at the thought of it having the gall to enter their beloved computers and mess up their ever glow of important stuff they hack (another bad word just mentioned in passing here) out while sitting in some dark garage or basement. While to ones spam may be another person’s treasure. For example I like to receive lots of stuff on my e-mail that I guess many would call spam. Since I have had my e-mail name and account with AOL since 1993 I know I go way back into the cavemen days of computer communication and so I receive lots of spam. Plus I make no effort to cut down on the reception of it by buying special “spam protectors, eliminators, etc.,” and just have what is sent with the basic package and generally never have it cleaned. So I imagine if a learned person could pick up my computer and shake all the spam out of it there would be stuff all over the floor. But, the real things is I love to read my spam subject headlines and then decide for myself if this is spam or not. Why leave it up to the computer to decide if this is spam at all, good spam or bad spam? Some of the subjects that I have seen lately are: Build the body you want in only minutes a day(I like this kind and studied it through and through), Enlarge your penis(while no one has ever told me I needed this enlargement I also found it intriguing), Free guideline to a military education(why would I need this since I am retired military?), The US Government is giving away millions—(duh, we all know that, but the problem is they are giving it away to military operations in Iraq and other foreign countries, I live in the USA so am not really eligible), Free restless legs Syndrome(this one had to interest me since I have been called restless, so I assume it originates from my legs or something like that), Enlarge your breasts(well from a male’s point of view I have been known to notice large breasts in the female gender, but I have never looked in the mirror and said, “boy I want to enlarge my breasts!!”), Clean your colon(now this one does interest me, especially after learning that John Wayne died with over 40 lbs. of waste in his colon, no one wants to take the final count with a full colon, so get rid of it NOW!!!), Ophra drinks green tea(and I really don’t care what she drinks, I get so tired of hearing that Ophra is the new prophet of everything, so she is rich doesn’t make her smart!), Condoms on sale for half price(this is not a good thing, to sell these things at price cutting prices means they are using inferior rubber and bad rubbers will make for bad troubles, trust me!). Well this is just a sampling of some of the spam I save and digest, see why I have computer indigestion all the time? Now there is another spam in this world that has been around a long time and that is the kind that comes in little cans and you buy at the grocery store. This kind of spam is a combination of waste material taken from hogs, cows, rabbits, chipmunks, birds, skunks and whatever else road kill you can find around the spam food plants. This stuff is in little cubes put into to metal cans encased in some kind of slime preservative. It is the spam I really don’t like and will not touch with one of Ophra’s dirty finger nails. This stuff is so unhealthy you can enlarge your heart arteries by just inhaling one big sniff, and if you eat it you will mostly certainly die a young unhealthy person. But the other side of the story is that as I mentioned above it was a god send to our nation. During the dark economic depression of the USA and families had very little income and were “poor” they could get spam for their meals very cheaply and it help them sustain some kind of diet. For sure they got their share of fat, carbohydrates, and whatever the slicky slime had in it. Thank God for spam during the depression, but then of course these same people died of heart attacks and strokes. While I do like Vienna sausages (I am told they are made by sister spam processing plants but I don’t believe it), I don’t eat them very often. Just seems like sometimes nothing tastes quite as good as Vienna’s and saltine crackers. So much for the diet segment of this post. Stay healthy and eliminate spam from life, because Ophra said so!!

The Lubbock Avalance Journal had another ironic article about our school of higher learning here in Lubbock. Texas Tech University is now in the midst of trying to replace their current president. Seems as though the current president has resigned but typical of Universities they don’t get rid of them when they resign, they just let them hang on at $300m per year until they find the replacement. I find that kind of stupid since he did resign and wants to go elsewhere. But what really got my eye on this article were the statements made by the search committee made up of numerous factions on the campus to include some current professors. They made the statement that it is important that they believe that the next president should have experience in “ academics.” Duh, does that really make any sense, that a university of higher learning would want a president that had experience in academics? I thought academics were the purpose of the academic world. Why would they hire a president that comes from say the manufacturing of strapless bras, or maybe the world of up-scale pornographic movie production, or maybe from the world of waste disposal, or maybe from the world of bungee jumping? I think they need a real academic war lord and then maybe they can figure out how to keep their accreditation. Just some thoughts for the Raider Land folks. Or maybe they could just scoot the football coach over to president of the university, as maybe an additional duty since he is getting paid $1.65 million. Just a thought and maybe it sounds very stupid and juvenile of me, but what about that search committee that wants academics to come center stage within the experience of the new president. It is an ironic story.

Movie Reviews: “The Bank Job”, ***, Not real bad, but not real good. Another British bank heist movie. Supposeingly based on a true story it is amazing how dumb the robbers were that actually got multi-millions. They were so stupid they made dirt look like Phi Beta Kappa’s. At the same time the British secret service was just a stupid. The actors were all brits so you wouldn’t recognize them, but it really doesn’t matter anyway. There was also a stupid bit of sex thrown in, but they screwed (pardon the pun) it up like the bank heist. Rating: Rated R for sexual content, nudity, violence and language.

“Never Back Down”, ****, A good story line, lots of action and decent acting made this a good movie to watch, kind of a Rambo in the neighborhoods type movie. The lead is played by Tom Cruise look a like Sean Faris who is a mad at the world teenager moving to up-scale Orlando and automatically gets picked on by the big bully played by Cam Gigandet. Then throw in a good looking blonde to make everyone edgy when she walks in the room with full cleavage, and pulsating lips to even up the testosterone. Djimon Housou plays a teacher of martial arts, who trains good guy Faris to over come his dragons after losing the initial battle to Gigandet. He then comes on strong in the gut busting finale and whups up on the bad guy real bad. The “Never Back Down” theme is personified throughout the film and has some great life as it is teaching points. Rating: mature thematic material involving intense sequences of fighting/violence, some sexuality, partying and language, all involving teens.



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