Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weather, The Bar, Movie Review

Between weather and aging I don't know which of the subjects are talked about the most. Seems as though every time I get into a conversation with some one, anyone actually, the subject of age comes up. Such as, "I know this ole guy and he is 70, man is he old," or "Aging is all in your mind, like maybe mind over matter," or "Your only as old as you think you are," and on and on. I really like this one, "you really don't look 70(actually I am not 70 yet but will be in December but it seems to be advanced since the aging up rule in triathlon says age on 12.31 is your competing age. Seems weird that I am really 69 but the rules of USAT say I am 70. So, just a few little tidbits that everyone turning 70 can look forward to. I guess if I don't look 70 it would really be relative to what a 70 year old is suppose to look like, and I really don't know the answer to that. When I am not looking in the mirror I feel about 40, but then I see myself in the mirror and it is like looking at a ghost since I resemble my dad a lot at this age. I just walk along, see a mirror and it feels like he is there staring me down. Let's get off that boring subject and get to the weather. During the Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 this year we had real strange weather that was beyond believable. While the average during this time of June is 92-95 degrees for a high down to 62 for a low, we actually had an unexplainable 66 degrees, 25 mile per hour winds, and a steady rain for 3 hours. So I ask, "what is the deal God?" His reply was like, hey bub take it or leave it I have better things to do and bigger fish to fry. Then to add to this weather question yesterday as I was traveling from the Bottomless(kind of like the no-panties Wednesday during the Sturgis motorcycle rally) Lake triathlon back to Ransom Canyon I learned that we had had a rain and wind storm in the late afternoon. This dude of a wind came through the canyons playing havoc with anything in site and lo and behold it took one of our trees down, even pulling the roots up. Now to say this was not a big tree is really false, the lower trunk is 77 inches in diameter and the height is approximately 40 feet. So, this has to be one of the largest trees in the canyon and the wind took it out of the ground and laid it on the top of our fence, house top, storage room top, and work out room top, and just to make sure it didn't miss anything it also landed on the fence. While we are not to sure of the total damage we are sure the tree must go, it has paid its' dues and must go to tree heaven or hell. To say we have no trees in West Texas is a real mistake, but I do know we have one less now. It is in the hands of the guy we hired to cut it down into little pieces and haul it off. The insurance guys say it comes under the heading of wind damage, so we'll know soon what that means.

After the Bottomless Tri we always go to the "Bar" in Dexter, NM. It actually has a real name but I can't ever remember it and I really don't care. As long as they have some cold beer, some margarita's and the complimentary chili, why do we need more. Then add to that the great philosophical discussions that go on with Balls and Mariana it must be what heaven is like. This trip to the bar had a little side dish in that they had a pool tournament going on at the later part of our high level intellectual discussions. That type of conversation ended quickly when these guys started shooting at the balls on the table. One guy had this special stick holder that he placed on the edge of his table that held both sticks, plus he had a special holder for the chalk and some real special gloves. I stayed long enough to watch this old guy(must have been at least 70) blow the competition away. While he didn't clear the table after two shoots he did put his opponent away in strong fashion. Watching pool is kind of like watching action shots in painting a wall, so I cinched up my saddle and road off into the sunset to Ransom Canyon. The "Bar" is a better place for us being there and we are better for being there. Be ready dudes, we will return maybe even with a pool stick!!

Movie Review: "Hellboy II-The Golden Army", *, This has got to be the most boring movie I have ever seen. The first one seemed to be more human and was very good, so I was eager to see this one. But, please don't waste your money on this one. Trust me, there is a good guy and a bad guy, but good overcomes evil, and da dee dum!!! Hellboy has become a real grumpy boy and stays in a bad mood most of the time. But, to prep us for the sequel it appears he will be making little or big Hellboys in the future. Some good sex scenes would have given this sorry piece of cinema some fun scenes, but no way did it happen. Wait for the sequel!! Rated PG-13, for sequences of sci-fi action and violence, and some language.



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