Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Border Cure, W. is an Expensive Habit, Movie Review

Recently I read that the Pope has come up with a solution the Mexico Border wars going on between the drug cartels. Since there have been over 5,000 gangland slayings of fellow drug dealers the Vatican issued a proclamation to solve the problem: He says that IF they continue these slaughters he will issue a mandate that they be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church. Well I bet that got their attention real fast. I am sure that sat around in a family council and said, "Oooops, if we don't quit killing our fellow workers we are going to lose our membership in the Catholic Church"! Well I have not read of any killings this week, so maybe it is working. But, what I would really like to see is their market for their product in the United States just dry up and their would be no need to export their product to our country. While I don't know of any drug users in my community I am sure there are some, my plea--quit the stuff and you will eliminate good Catholic drug dealers from your community.

Harper's Magazine has a great article entitled, "Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush". Get this, when the W. man took office he had a $128 billion SURPLUS handed to him by Slick Willey. Economic specialists projected the growth of this surplus between 2002-2011 to a healthy $5.6 trillion. But, what happened is that the SURPLUS became a $10.6 trillion DEFICIT OR DEBT. Now I see why Laura and Condeleeza say that the Bush presidency was very successful and he was a very good President. Could they be too close to the cheese? Now, the question is how does the country dig out of this. After going to Barnes & Noble last night and seeing hundreds of books with Obama on the cover is it like the Savior has come and will take care of everything. Fellow Americans it is going to be an interesting 4 years. Funny thing is everyone I talk to says, "I didn't vote for him!!" but some how he got a lot of votes to get elected. Q: Who did vote for him?

Movie Review: "Gran Torino", *****, This is a five star movie in my mind. Clint Eastwood directs and stars as he plays a retired auto worker in Detroit, and is a Korean war veteran to boot. As his wife dies after a one and only long term marriage, the neighborhoods are taken over by oriental citizens he sees his life coming to an end. Even street gangs take a disliking to him and he has to have the final face off with them. It has great dialogue and very subtle messages are delivered through out the movie. Rated R for language throughout, and some violence(really an understatement, but the movie is not filled with wall to wall violence).



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