Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vultures, Movie Review

Someone once said, possibly God, that everything has its reason and place for being on or in this world. But for the life of me I don’t know why the gross looking vulture /buzzard has a place or right to be anywhere. While traveling to the first triathlon of the season some 300 miles from home I noticed some vultures in the middle of the road feasting on recent road kill. While it looked like an innocent deer I am not too sure what it was. But what I did notice, and I have watched them closer while on the bicycle, as I sped by at 70 mph these so-called birds were extremely ugly and worthless looking. But what should I expect from a bird that is called “vulture” to look any different. After all they live off of the dead and would have to be considered the extremely homeless of the animal world. They wait till some innocent animal is struck dead by something and then they come into to feast off of them. As you look at them real close you will find they are really butt ugly, are sparsely covered with feathers, usually look like dirt/mud warmed over and have a shiftless look on their face. One thing they can do is fly fast enough to get out of the way of the moving vehicle and very seldom fly into your windshield so you got to give them credit for that. Then I know if we did a breath check on them they would have real bad breath. Can you imagine, they eat at least day old real dead stuff all day long and never brush, that I know of. As I continue to search for their usefulness and worthiness I conclude that there should be a national monument built for them simply because I know of no one else who would remove the road kill like they do. The theme could be, “thank God for the vultures/buzzards of this world, because without them our roadways would be covered with road kill.”

Movie Review: “The Green Zone”, could be **** for presentation, but also ** for boring, but also * for reminding us of the lies the Bush administration used to enter Iraq in the first place, or no rating because the Weapons of Mass Destruction never existed. This movie is presented like a documentary but actually is not one. It is reality-based chaos, and stars matt Damon as a credible chief warrant officer who, during the USA invasion of Baghdad in 2003 is ordered to round up Saddam Hussein’s hidden weapons of mass destruction—yes, the same WMDs that an American president hung over the heads of the Congress and the American people. When none can be found, Damon questions “bad Intel?” It only gets worse and then he questions those in authority, a non reality thing since Warrant Officers just don’t do that, but in Hollywood they do. Brendan Gleeson plays a CIA person, and Greg Kinnear plays a typical all too-powerful, arrogant U.S. intelligence people listening to the wrong advice. Rated R for violence and language.



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