Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cross Dressing, Movie Reviews

Recently someone ask me what motivated me to ride a motorcycle, bowl, and do triathlons which of course requires swimming, biking and running. My immediate reply is that I must be a cross dresser and like the atmosphere of the three disciplines of life. Actually motorcycle riders are a lot like triathletes in that they do three things very well, they drink beer, eat BBQ, and ride the Hogs or whatever brand of two wheel terror they can muster up. When you ride a motorcycle you have a chance to put on the black leather (sometimes brown, but 95% black), let the beard and hair grow a little longer, and look real tough. Maybe even getting a little dirt under the finger nails and a slight odor of sweat and exhaust fumes. When you bowl you wear clothing that makes it easy to throw the ball down the lane and knock over those stupid looking pins, so you are again doing three things. You attempt to knock the pins down, drink a beer, and eat Mexican food afterwards. Then there is the dress of the triathlon world. Since you swim you must have a tight fitting Speedo type swim suit, a form fitting tights tri-suit for the bike ride and then wear the same on the run. Now a days the Speedo is used for work outs and the tri-suit is used for all three disciplines during competition. Then of course there is the customary carbo loading meals and low calorie beer. So, as anyone can see I am in high heaven with cross dressing. Not long ago I was being interviewed by my life coach and since she didn’t really know me very well she ask some personal questions. After these questions were answered she as if I had anything else to tell her. So, I took the opportunity to advise her that along with all of my little eccentrics I was a cross dresser. Yep, you got it, extreme silence on the other end of the phone. After what seemed like 30 minutes (really only a few long seconds) I explained my position on this subject and where I really fit. After giving her the full story she seemed to sigh with relief, but on the other hand she was from California and it is full of fruits and nuts, so what is so bad about a cross dressing West Texan? Now to wrap this all up and to explain what motivated me to write about this awesome subject I just got an ad on my e-mail from Victoria Secrets, Viagra, and Boy Toys. Of course I looked through the offerings in VC, enjoyed the many joys I was told I can get as a result of using the Boy Toys, after gulping down a Viagra pill and my day was complete. Please excuse me while I venture into the 900 number world to further enjoy my new purchases.

Movie Review: “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus”, ***, the last movie that Heath Ledger made before his death. Actually he died during the making of the film and was replaced by Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell (interesting combination but effective). This is really a far out movie about a character named Dr. Parnassus played by Christopher Plummer who possesses the extraordinary gift of being able to guide the imaginations of others. The movie has a magic mirror, and a quaint devil played by Tom Waits. One final bet with the devil finds friends and foes passing through the imaginarium. Well done movie but I think you have to enjoy these mystery things before you will really enjoy it. Rated PG-13 for violent images, some sensuality, language and smoking.

“Youth In Revolt”, ***, Michael Cera stars in a romantic comedy expected to defy traditional January cinematic doldrums. It is an irreverent story about the wild adventures of teen-aged(extremely horny, and a virgin) Nick Twisp, who meets the girl of his dreams while on a family(not a typical family) vacation, and must turn everyone’s lives upside down just to be near her. He also has an imaginary alter ego that pushes him into doing the things he has really wanted to do but was too shy to do. Rated R for some mild rude humor (also some sensual sex scenes).



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