Monday, November 05, 2012

New Holiday

Since I really do not know what the definition of a “fuddy-duddy” is I should know since I have been been called that by some of my friends around this time of year.  The reason is that I think Halloween is a bunch of mularkey and I really cannot stand the whole idea.  It costs money for stupid costumes that generally represent some form of bloody death, evil eyes, crooked broken teeth, at least one broom stick, ghoolish attitudes, and weird sounds.  Then on top of that our children have been taught that they can dress up in some form of costume and carry a bag around the neighborhood “begging” for a treat and if they don’t get it they are licensed to do a bad “trick” on the unsuspecting person who had their lights turned out in their house, so no one would knock on the door.  In two of my 73 years I have actually dressed up in a costume, one as a female cheerleader and one time as a vampire.  While I still can’t believe I did that or imagine that I would confess to it, I will say it gives me more authority to state my case against this practice and enhance my position as a “fuddy-duddy” on this stupid Holiday.  

Of course I realize that the US of A is obsessed with holidays and if it wasn’t Halloween on October 31 I am sure it would be something else.  I notice where we currently have 39 official holiday’s listed and the closest country to the USA is Germany with 18.  All major countries listed in the survey I saw practiced Christmas and Easter except Japan.  It is amazing how many holiday’s the US actually has, but I guess it is only normal since money is one of our obsessions and banks must have their holiday’s and the government offices need their time away from dealing with the public.  Now what I am suggesting is a “No-Holiday” day.  It will be difficult to find a month for that holiday since all months are currently taken, however, I think we could possibly put it on April 1 and move April fools day to April 15 which is the day our national income tax is due.  The rules for this holiday would be that no banks or governement offices would be closed but all other businesses can close if they want to.  There will be no parades or costumes unless someone wanted to design a special No-Holiday T shirt and possibly a special alcoholic drink with a big kick to it.  Now, I am getting excited about this the more I write and if the voting public believes April 1 is goofy I volunteer my birthday on December 16th!

This is the big election week and I encourage everyone to go vote for the candidates of their choice.  I voted a couple of days ago in the early voting booth at the local super market.  Seems like a great place to vote since I could get me a Red Bull, some potato chips, and then really concentrate on how I would vote.  I confess that I voted for the guy who promised a “real” change for the better in our country and I hope if he is elected that will happen.  I also just watched a presentation that came popping on my computer stating Obama will win the election and then after four years he will run and win a THIRD term.  While I have not checked the rules on that yet I thought they could only serve two terms.  The presentation was about 45 minutes long and the guy gave all of his facts, etc., stating why this would happen.  He wasn’t a psychic or anything, just a banker with all kinds of theories.  Interesting information to say the least!! Kind of scary, like Halloween!!

EA, SH.........:)


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