Saturday, May 12, 2012

Heroes to Mud Slingers

As I mentioned a few blogs ago I like to learn something new everyday, no matter the importance or impact of this new knowledge.  Well the past week was spent observing some new things, again, and learning so that is the reason for no posting on fasttwitchmind.  Yea I know a punny excuse and an indication of laziness; however, I just didn’t seem to have the time to sit down and write.  Last week was spent at the Warrior Games, and Spartan Races in Colorado Springs, CO.  The Warrior Games is a series of athletic events that feature armed forces athletes with various serious injuries, mostly in combat zones.  There are literally thousands of soldiers that have survived the Iraq and Afhgan atrocities, called special hand made bombs that are designed to rip off arms and legs but leave the person alive.  So, I was able to watch these galiant men and women compete against all odds and what an inspiration it was.  I had never seen a person swim with no legs up to the hip, and only one arm.  On the basketball team(played in wheelchairs) one athlete was missing a leg, an arm, an eye, but was the best shooter on the team.  So, needless to say my three days watching these patriots compete was an eye opener for me.  I learned more about humility and appreciation for my excellent health and the fact I spent over 24 years in the US Army and missed all of the wars.  Sometimes I wonder about that and ask was I really lucky or am I missing some vast knowledge that I would have acquired in combat?  
Then the other part of the week in the Springs was spent observing the other play thing now going on big time called “mud obstacle” racing.  This again was done to learn more of the sport and see what I can do to offer these gang busters a truly professional association to serve them.  I entered the event, like 4500 other mudd loving souls, with the idea of watching and observing up close as possible.  But unlike my Tough Mudder mind melt down, when I decided to do that event and suffer for two weeks afterwards, I actually did just walk around observing.  What I learned is that people do like to crawl in the mud, jump over 8’ fences, climb 30’ ropes and then conclude the race by running through a 3’ fire pit.  Ooooops I forgot to mention that they pay $100.00 to do this!  So, now we have this relative young athletic sporting event that gives everyone the venue to vent in all kinds of ways.  And to think I thought football was barbaric!  This sport makes football players look like silly sissies from the debate class!!  Looks like it is here to stay with new events and production companies sprouting up like weeds on freshly watered and fertized burmuda grass!!  So, I take this new knowledge and see what I can do with it!  Stayed tuned on
EA, SH.......:)!
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