Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Psychic Income, Movie Reviews

Now that the last triathlon event for the season has concluded and the “psychic income” is still flowing in, I do see a taper effect where it will slow to a drizzle then will dry up completely.  What a minute you say “psychic income”, what the hell is that?  Well it is a term I came up with a few years back that illustrates why people decide to become race directors in the sport of triathlon but it could also apply to any sport.  In this case I will use triathlon because I know it better than any and I have been sucking in the psychic income from it for the past 23 years.  Psychic income by my definition is that income that is given by the participants who decide that your event is a life changing thing or the venue is so challenging they have to say thank you for making it through the race without passing out.  Or, the slap on the back and shaking of the hand that says, “thank you again for putting on this race!”  So, psychic income is that thing that the race director receives from the participants but is not something you can literally put in your bank acccount.  It does not pay the bills, but then on the other hand maybe it does a little bit.  For example if the athlete likes the event and comes back the next year he/she pays the entry fee, stays in the hotels, eats out at the restaruants, and provides income to the race and all supporting enterprises in the community.  In this case there is more than psychic but I think the most invigorating income is the psychic since it genrally comes from the heart and is sincere, since it is not a requirement of the participant to say anything other than I need a shower, or where is my beer?  
But, here is the kicker to this little moment of glory and admiration!  The fever pitch of the event starts to build on the Thursday before the event on Sunday and it is so thick you can slice it with a dull butter knife.  Then on race day it hits the peak and then at the awards ceremony the fever pitch is high and then it is over.  So, the mess now has to be cleaned up and maybe during the next day you may see an athlete that says, “thanks again” but for sure on the second day after the event everyone is gone.  Now we are left with the mess to clean up, straighten up, and the bills to pay.  There is no hand sticking out except the bill collectors who want to be paid and most of them do not even know what the event was all about.  The athletes are now back in one of the 42 states and 13 countries they traveled from and guess what they are doing?  Yep, you got it, they are training, planning and getting primed and ready for their next event in B..F... Iowa or Rhode Island and The Llano Estacado is far out of their mind.  While on the other we sit here all lonely for the glad hands and slap on the back, but on the other hand knowing we will plan the next years event again, put the event on and then hope to receive more of that “psychic income!”  Wow, I can’t hardly wait!!  
Movie Reviews:  
“Ted”, ***, Mark Wahlberg, plays the part of the lonely guy as a kid who wishes for a best friend.  His wish is granted at Christmas and he receives a teddy bear, he names Ted, that comes to life.  Ted becomes famous and for the next 35 years is best friends with Wahlberg but also becomes a dead beat pot smoking friend.  Interesting concept, very bad language, but a good ending.  Rated R for crude(understatement) and sexual content, pervasive language, and some drug use(understatement).  
“Magic Mike”, ***, This film is set in the world of male strippers consequently I was the only male in the crowd.  If there was another man there he was hiding under the seats since I couldn’t find one.  So, with the theme of male strippers starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey and all female crowd got rowdy.  I recommend this movie for a girls night out thing and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I was there except for the popcorn, coke, and excuse to watch a movie to review(there were no other movies on at this time).  Rated R for pervasive sexual content, brief graphic nudity, language and some drug use(all of this is an understatement).
“To Rome With Love”, **, A Woody Allen movie about four couples in Italy who have strange relationshiop things going on.  It has Woody Allen written all over it, i.e. in one scene he says, “I am afraid to die since I am an athiest!”  Otherwisde kind of boring! Rated R for some sexual references. 
“Abraham Lincloln:  Vampire Hunter”, **, Since I read the book I had to go see how this was going to be handled.  The facts of a young Abraham becoming an actually vampire hunter when he was younger, much before the presidency, was well done but like the book very hard to believe. Plus I am just not into this vampire thing.  Go see for curosity I would assume!  Rated R for violence throughout and brief sexuality. 
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