Sunday, December 16, 2012

Final Bye Bye Tub, Me and Beethoven

Okay just to make sure that Coach Tub was completely out of Lubbock we had a nice 62 mph wind storm, with dust, blow through Friday from SW to NE.  Since the Tub didn’t like the wind, the dust, or Lubbock in general it was refreshing to know that the tail wind took his airplane up to Ohio much faster than a speeding bullet.  When coaches leave a city in an almost over night way I wonder who packs the bags, furniture, etc. Since his wife spends her time at the local pub and running red lights, I wouldn’t imagine she had the time.  Then he sneaks out of a free steak dinner with potential recruits at the 50 Yard LIne to never return.  The next thing we know he is giving the Bearcat salute and dancing on stage with some CU cheerleaders.  Oh well, happy days are in store for the city of Lubbock, Texas Tech and all associated with it.  Because, simply stated the “King” has returned as noted on the headlines of the local paper today.  Coach Kingsbury made it very clear at his press conference that he loves the wind, Texas Tech, Lubbock and the opportunity to be here.  Even though he hasn’t won a game on the field yet he has received the assurance that everyone is happy to have him here and you can feel “win, win” in the air.  For the first time that I know of he is the only coach to have a jersey with his name on it at local stores(usually that is for star players), his sunglasses and long sleeve shirt are fashion items, and his haircut/scruffy beard are very in with current fashions!  There was even note of his tailored suit, dress shirt and slim tie.  Have we got a winner or not??  Spring training football can’t get here fast enough!!

Now I would like to make some type of comments on December 16, 2012 since that happens to be my birthday along with Beethoven, Steve Locke(noted CEO of USA Field Hockey) and many other people I am sure.  Since this is number 74 I do find myself reflecting back over previous birthdays and find that just a few really stand out; however, the one that really sticks in my mind was my 16th.  My mother decided to make a big deal about it and invited my best friends over for a meal and drinks.  The meal was chicken fried steak and the drinks were full glasses of whole white milk.  For years I had a photo of that night but now I cannot find it.  Were sitting in our living room in Littlefield, Texas(home of the football Championship Wildcats) and the photo caught all of the party animals toasting a full glass of milk.  This was a great night and event that will never be forgotten.  Now that some of those guys have passed on to the big football field in the sky there is at least one still alive and kicking.  We communicate frequently and still remain good friends.  So, as I go about this day I look around me at a completely different world than when I was a kid.  There are some good things and some bad things but it is up to me to make as much good as possible for the remainder of my life.  When I had my 70th birthday I re-set my life goals for another 20 years.  So, I am four years into those new goals and doing good.  One thing I notice is that I get all these “Happy Birthday” greetings on Facebook and I really do not know what to do with them.  So, I attempt to answer them the best I can muster it out of this computer and hope they got the simple “Thank You” from me.  Well, got to get on with the day and get ready for competing in the 75-79(you age up to age on December 31at end of year, so I will be 75 by December, 2013, a weird rule by USA Triathlon) triathlon age group with a hard bike trainer workout, weights and sit-ups.  May even earn the right to one beer!

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