Sunday, December 02, 2012

What Bugs Me!

Some of the things that seem to bug me these days:

 When I go to the express line(10 items or less) at the grocery store and some little ole lady is checking her basket out with at least 20 items.  Not only that she is counting each one as she takes it out, plus she is dressed with polka dots and bow ribbons, with a flower in her hair.  (True story

 When checking out at the convenient store someone ahead of me is buying 5 money orders and each category of lottery tickets, plus a pack of Camels.  They should take the word out of convenient store.

 No matter what I do to keep up with my cell phone I still drop it, lose it, kick it, throw it , forget it or see it take a swan dive into to the bathroom bowl at least 3 times a week.

 After I have waited in line for something for quite a long time, the attendant taking care of my needs says, “thank you for your patience!”  Patience hell, I didn’t have any other choice if I wanted to get what I wanted.

 Some guy asks me why I wear my hair long, my reply is simple:  because I can.  What gets on my nerves is that someone would take the time out of the day just to ask me such a stupid question.  Bug off you baldy you!

 The other day at a road race someone ask me my finishing time and I casually mentioned that I finished on the same day I started.   

To get more detailed on that, I also mentioned that I am so slow now I use a calendar instead of a watch!  When a young person inquires as to how fast I am going to run a race I tell them it is none of their business. 

 I tell them that if I am their target they are really setting their goals too low.  I told a guy the other day he is racing against my personal best when I was 41, not now at my mature age of 73.  

 When all my football teams lose the same weekend which happened last weekend including high school, college and professional football teams.  

 It really bugs me to spend the Senior discount rate at a movie and get bad popcorn that costs more than the movie ticket.

 The other day this ghoulish company that buys insurance policies hoping you will die soon, turned me down.  They said I was way too healthy and would live too long making me a bad investment.  Go figure!

EA, SH......:)



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