Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hog Ride, Movie Reviews

While it seems like forever since I posted, it actually has been just a little over 30 days, which is actually kind of normal.  But so many things have happened in that length of time it seems longer.  So, I am offering some short tidbits and my opinion on them:

While the passing of Robin Williams has happened during this time frame I know it captured the news for a few days while his fans are grieving.  He was a remarkable entertainer and now that he has died we are being informed of the many good things he did for other people.  I think it is sad state of affairs when someone has to die before the good things come out about them.  There have been many short tributes to him on Facebook and it has been enjoyable to see the good things he did in addition to entertaining.

A motorcycle ride to Boulder, CO and Sturgis, SD put another 2,086 miles on the black Hog and gave me a chance to ride it out till the butt was sore.  The first leg of the trip was Boulder to offer the Hog to the Ironman Boulder triathlon event and carry officials during the event.  After that 112 miles venture I headed out to Sturgis, SD to be part of the testosterone laced streets of the 74th Sturgis Motorcycle Week.  Quite a display of more motorcycles in one place than any place int he world.  Also a time for the boys of moto riding to spin, dig out, drink beer, google at women and be bad boys!  Then the ride back and a recoup from sitting too long in the saddle.  Will return next year for the 75th production of the same stuff!

While the triathlon season is still in full swing the BSLT production company has now completed 12 events for the year and has one more to do.  So, September 27 in Odessa, Texas the 13th event will conclude the production year for BSLT with the second annual mud obstacle event.  Hopefully there will be plenty of rough necks and mud slingers come out for this event.  There will be live music, beer, mud, what more does anyone need??

Movie reviews(the movie review scene has been fast and furious and even though the list seems long these movies reviewed are still in the movie houses, so go see and enjoy if you like the reviews):

“The Hundred Foot Journey”, *****, This is truly a five star movie and believe it or not has no profanity, nudity, sex, drugs, alcohol, crude scenes but is just one good movie about the restaurant and chef business.  The story revolves around an Indian family losing their restaurant from a fire, plus the matriarch of the family.  The entire family moves to another part of the country and opens a new eatery right across the street(100 feet)  from a celebrated French restaurant managed by proprietress Madame Mallory(Helen Mirren).  The story of the family opening the new restaurant and the development of the young chef by Madame Mallory is a great story and enjoyable movie.  Rated PG for thematic elements, some violence, language and brief sensuality.

“And So It Goes”, ***, A good movie but not one to break your neck over to go see.  A matinee price and time is the best for this one.  A family story about a self-centered man(Michael Douglas) and neighbor(Diane Keaton), who have both lost their spouses after long term marriages and they come together while caring for a grand daughter of Douglas he had no clue existed.  Rated PG-13 for some sexual references and drug elements. 

“Begin Again”, ****,  This movie really surprised me and turned out to be very enjoyable.  Mark Ruffalo plays the part of a disgraced music-business executive who meets a young singer-songwriter and it turns into a promising collaboration between he two talents.  Keira Knightley plays the young talent and these two are good together.  Very enjoyable to watch it all happen.  Rated R for language.

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, ****, A very good sci-fi movie about an old subject, the advancement of apes doing what humans do, include talk.  This film brings to the current day story of how the apes have advanced to where they are and then a partnership of peace between the surviving humans of the day and how they can live together.  Of course there is always the bad humans and bad apes, so this makes the story more interesting. Heston’s memorable statement to the apes to get their “stinking hands off of him!”, comes to mind!  Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and actions, and brief strong language.

“Hercules”, ***, I wonder about the three star on this one but I think that maybe it deserves it.  Dwayne Johnson plays Hercules well and looks great with the new testosterone injected body.  It is Hercules against the world in battle and action but he does enlist his allies and friends to fight with him.  Not a must see, but possible a way to sit back, relax and watch Hercules get rid of the bad guys!  Rated PG-13 for epic battle sequences, violence, suggestive comments, brief strong language and partial nudity.  

“Lucy”, ****, This movie will surprise you on just how good it is.  This sci-fi movie explains just how powerful the brain is and what can happen if all of it is used.  In real life it is believed we only use a small fraction(less than 1%) of the brain, so what would happen if we used 100%.  Well go see good looking actress Scarlett Johnsson show what happens!  Morgan Freeman is the scientist who reveals through his lectures, the potential of the brain and then watches Ms. Johnsson implement it in real life.  Rated R for strong violence, disturbing images, and sexuality.  

“The Purge:  Anarchy”, **,  This is kind of a stupid movie where the government has established a 24 hour purge time each year where the population can do revenge on their enemies(including murder), if done during this time, without any form of punishment.  The story line is weak and stupid at times, so I would not waste my time on this one(I did it for you!).  Rated R for strong disturbing violence, and for language.  

“Sex Tape”, *, No matter the great nude scenes with Cameron Diaz, and soft porn scenes between her and her screen husband Jason Segel for the sex tape, this is a bad movie.  The story line and enactment of it is so stupid it hurts.  In a nut shell, their married sex life becomes dull so they decide to revive it and tape it.  Of course the tape gets out of their control after being placed on a lap top.  So, the rest of the story revolves around silly plots to get the take back from people who have received it.  Save your money!!  Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use. 

EA, SH.......:)!




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