Sunday, October 23, 2005

The perfect nose job from Japan

Just got my current Tri Times, which should have a new name like Rag Times, and was very impressed and motivated by the photo on page 4. What a site of nose pushers, yes a new term that defines those that stick their nose up someones you know what(I promised I would not use bad words but it is really hard) to get ahead. The bad part about this picture is that the USAT Board President can't get his nose close enough because the National Teams Manager and the Executive Director are first in line. With the ideas and thoughts that have been coming out of the executive directors mouth the past few weeks I would imagine he would be hooked up to brother president of the ITU on a permanent basis. Fact is, he better make a bed there because sooner or later the board of USAT and the membership will wake up and reclaim their Federation. What a bunch of suck ups! Of course I am the first to realize that all of the funds USAT gathers everyday from their annual members, race directors and one day members are as a result of the great support the ITU gives to our membership, so be sure to suck up.

Also on this same page of the rag is the monthly letter from the "wrong hire", the executive director of USAT. For the life of me I do not know what soccer for men over 40 has to do with the grand sport of triathlon. I know he tried to tie it in some way, but I guess I am just slow to get the point. One thing I do know is that if he had been attending a triathlon, to help educate himself to triathlon he wouldn't have needed surgery. Unless of course he should dare to train long enough to at least do a sprint triathlon(no God forbid I didn't say an Ironman triathlon).Of course I realize that most of the USAT staff doesn't really know anything about the sport nor has done one, but at least they got Tim Yount back, and Kathy knows the sport, so he can add some crediability to this bunch of fakers.

It will be so much fun when this romance with the ITU goes South, and will I say I told you so, YOU DAMN RIGHT!!

Also, I noted where USAT is going into the publishing business. It amazes me that OUR Federation can focus its' attention on everything but what really drives the sport. Skiparoo, it's called race directors, age groupers and those that sponsor the same. But, of course what do I know as you pointed out, "you have been in the sport since April, 2005 I believe," so that makes you some kind of authority. Reminds me of the time you ask me who Mark Allen was, Oh well I understand you hang out with men over 40 that play a funny game of kicking the ball around. Which then leads me to the question of how in the hell did you injure your right shoulder? Doing hand stands or what?

Well I will sign off for tonight and I feel real strange writing this, since I am not sure anyone reads it, guess I need to start writing on the USAT forum or maybe slowtwitch.

Mike Greer


Blogger PEWSAGL said...

I read it! ;-)

10:36 AM  
Blogger Roger W Gartman said...

nah....keep writing...i know that some of us are keep giving us your thoughts on the usat thing....and all the inbetweens

6:37 PM  

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