Saturday, October 29, 2005

USAT sucks again!, Current "Hot" Movies

Remember in my digest of the Skip Gilbert letter, still posted for refreshment if needed, the point of rules dispensation was discussed and in that paragraph it was pointed out that only 1 rule dispensation out of 15 was beyond resolution. There could not be an agreement reached by either party on this point of rule, namely, using stand down penalities to enforce rules infractions. WTC wanted it as part of their 15 rules dispensations, USAT said "no way." So, the great split and everyone walked away into the sunset, resulting in a great customer loss to USAT.

Now for the real juicy and hypocritical part offered by the ITU driven National Governing Body of the sport, USAT. During the World Age Group ITU Championship in Honolulu, HI, a week before, God forbid I say it, the Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI, guess what rule was used in this event? Yep, folks the "stand down" penalty was used to punish the guilty after an infraction was called. Now, wait a minute I am really confused since this is what stopped the meeting of minds with WTC/USAT and ultimately caused the break up. When I ask the question of why the stand down penalty was used I was told, by a very powerful, knowledgeable , highly respected person of USAT that these officials were ITU officials, but really the officials were ITU/USAT certified officials and their pay checks are written by USAT(I also know this to be true since I use to sign the checks for them). Also I learned that when the President of the USAT Board, Brad Davison, was ask the question as to why the stand down method was used he stated, "he was not aware that this was done and if so why." According to this same source Brad was present in Honolulu; however, the chief ITU hey boy, Executive Director Skip Gilbert, was not in attendance(probably playing soccer or something more important).

So, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander in this case. As usual the rules were made up to accomodate heir king Brother Les and his little brother cronies Brad, Skip of the USAT. Possibly when the two groups meet again to settle their differences this will be a point of conversation. I do know it is on the minds of the WTC staff.

At one of the USAT board meetings maybe they should spend some time refreshing the mission statement of the so called NGB of the sport. The rumor is they have been considered for the sequel to Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest and then some!!!

Mike Greer

Notice: Now to get away from this USAT stuff(just so much drama for a day can be tolerated):

Current "Hot" movies and some not so hot:

Hot- Dreamer(Kurt Russell), Flight Plan(Jody Foster), Unfinished Life(Robert Redford), War of the Worlds(Tom Cruise), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(Johnny Deep), Warm-Elizabethtown(Orlando Bloom), Two for the Money(Matthew McConaughey), Just Like Heaven(Reese Witherspo0n), Luke Warm-The Weather Man(Nicolas Cage), Ice(beyond terrible)- Sky High(Kurt Russell should be ashamed of himself for this one). *

* all viewed by MG

To see asap: G, The Legend of Zorro, Prime, Saw II, The Greatest Game Ever Played, North Country, In Her Shoes.

Got a lot to do including attending Ironman Florida, working an expo booth for Buffalo Springs 70.3 and Iron Girl Texas, plus marshalling with my "Hog" with Marti during the event.

For today, but look for more on the new book by Dr. Andrew Weil, "Healthy Aging," living better longer. Hot new stuff, that is really not all new but now is presented in such a way that it all makes sense. My philosophy has always been that we have to prepare for aging up, at a very early time in our life. We can't wait until we are 60 to prepare ourselves for this time of our life, start early and then you will be prepared.

Stay tuned for some pretty good stuff, but it will not preclude buying the book and having it on your shelf for handy reference. It is on my shelf NOW!!!

Mike Greer(66 going on 67 and damn proud of it)


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