Saturday, December 17, 2005

Birthday gig over, other stuff!

Well there is nothing like the day after a birthday, what a big let down. On your birthday(actually should be called the anniversary of your birth, since your real birthday only happens once. Kind of like your death in this life only happens once and when you have been dead a year no one says, "let's celebrate the deathday of so and so," they say so and so died a year ago.) everything is about "me" and you can not be given enough attention. You can get away with saying just about anything and everyone just kind of grins. Someone ask if I felt any different and of course the answer is no, hell, it had only been about 1 hour since I advanced to the next age so why would I feel any different. Now, ask me that this time 11 months from now and I might have a different reply. My observations of my current age is that it is a no brainer, insignificant, boring age to be, i.e. turning 65 is the age everyone knows and respects, while 66 is an even number divided by 2 or is best remembered by the famous first coast to coast highway, RT 66, then comes my current age 67, absolutely nothing, nada, nada, but then come 68 which is again an even number divisiable by 2, then one of my favorite sex numbers 69(can't wait to get there) then of course comes 70, again even, and divisiable by 2. The good news about 67 is that it only lasts for one year. I think you can see my point now and when I reach 70 I will have another idea or two about this aging thing. Onward and upward for mankind!

Speaking of aging and triathlon, I just received a new magazine called Geezerjock, the web site is Check it out, kind of quaint! Also, hope you have bought your Healthy Aging book. I will have some more information on it in future posts. Healthy aging is essential to living longer, or remaining alive. Of course some of us have an advantage since we believe in living more than one life, in conjunction with the evolution of mental and spiritial growth(figure that one out). Remember, as you age, you grow older(da da dum, stay tuned for more of this wisdom).

Some GC stuff: People I Can Do Without-
1. An airline pilot wearing two different shoes.
2. Anyone who pays for vaginal jelly with a platinum credit card.
3. A pimp who drives a Ford Escort.
4. Guys with a lot of small pins on their hats.
5. A dentist with blood in his hair.
6. Anyone who mentions Jesus more than 300 times in a two-minute conversation.
7. Any woman whose hobby is breast-feeding zoo animals.
8. A cross-eyed nun with a bull whip and a bottle of gin.
9. Guys who have their names printed on their belts.
10. A funeral director who says, "Hope to see you folks again real soon."

Just received word that my new Race Director 101-401 manual has passed initial proofing and will be back in my hands shortly. While I know most people are not holding their breath till it is printed, some will appreciate it. I have tried to relay the past 21 years of my time in the triathlon world, with 16 years as a race director, to printed form that will help new multi-sport race directors in putting on a safe, challenging and engaging event. Next on the self-publishing list will be "Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone-For Success", which will also be the topic of discussion for my mental growth seminars. My first preview CD for the Comfort Zone seminars will be completed within a few weeks, or sooner. To date I have presented this concept to groups ranging from 5-100, with great reception. My simple approach to this important aspect of life is the secret to my secret. Moving out of the zone is essential to any form of growth, whether it be academics, sports, business, government, etc. I use a method of moving out that is simple, and it works! I touched on it briefly in my book, "Mind Management", but now it will come out in book form(by stating this publicly it is a one of the examples of moving out, because when you state something to the public ears you are more prone to accomplish it). So, now I am committed than ever. Maybe this ole 67th year will make its' own name for itself!

Have a nice day, after my birthday day!


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