Sunday, January 08, 2006

Since the Holiday Season, 2005

Well the 2005 Holiday Season is over, done with and history. Some sigh with relief(parents I know who take it too seriously and just have to over buy for their darling children), some are counting their money(it was a good year for retailers), some are not liking the cold weather(those triathletes I know who don't like the indoor trainer), some are counting their blessings and looking forward to the new year(most of the people I know, including myself), some have new resolve and God forbid, made New Years resolutions(while I don't make New Year resolutions I do have new resolve and will cover it in this post), etc.

My new resolve centers around a few things but mostly has to do with putting to rest my hard feelings relative to USA Triathlon. While I had already posted my intentions to stay positive and not deal with the negatives it just never felt like I had really resolved my true feelings. So, I started by issuing a private e-mail apology to Skip Gilbert for some of my posts that were maybe in poor taste or questioned him as a person. While I had no intention of doing that it possibly came across that way. Skip is in fact a very good man and has the potential to be a very good executive director(He did accept my aplogy). Where I do disagree with him, and will never alter this feeling, is in the tactics that are being used in some of the new policies within USAT, namely the magazine. While I will be the first to admit the magazine, Tri Times, was a real, useless rag and needed refurbishing a lot, I do not agree that USAT should offer a magazine that competes against the for profit magazines in the sport. The simple reason is that USAT is a non-profit entity, by law, and has distinct advantages in competing against the for profits, plus that is not the mission of the National Governing Body in the first place. Even if it published the best magazine in the triathlon industry it would not make the organization the best National Governing Body nor would it be within the mission statement. On the other hand information concerning the sport should be presented in such a way that the readers will appreciate it and actually read it. Around our house the minute the ole Tri Times came in I had to make a flying catch of it heading to the trash can, since Marti would throw it into the can immediately. In studying the likes and legal definitions of the non-profits versus the for profits I find that the only real general difference, without going into all of the various details, of the two is what happens to the "profit", "reserves" or plainly speaking "what is left over after expenses" money. In the non-profits there are NO taxes paid on the reserves, in the for-profits there are, i.e. each entity has $500m left at the end of the year. If the tax base for the for profit is say, 30% then they pay the IRS $150m, using this same example the non-profit pays NO tax and has this for operating expenss, or for financing a new magazine. So, that is my beef and is not intended as a statement for the two major national magazines but just some points that I feel are important. While I have made this resolve it should be pointed out that it does not mean I will not voice my opinion or disagree when I feel like something is wrong, as illustrated above. But, my resolve will be not to issue personal attacks on anyone. Part of my frustrations have come from not being able to finish the job or exit the job, as interim executive director, as the employment contract called for. I had prepared an extensive exit report, as required by the employment contract, and was to spend two weeks de-briefing the new executive director. For whatever reason I was never given this opportunity and felt like what I had done over the 6 months tenure was neither appreciated or respected. While I know in making some difficult business decisions were met with controversy they were just typical things that happen when you are forced to make decisions that affect the personnel of the staff and board. What I do know is that the Federation had been sitting on a no-decision basis or real leadership for nearly 12 months and had just come out of the most serious sense of misdirection in the history of the organization. I met the challenges head on, reviewing contracts, interviewing all of the staff, personally, spending 12-14 hours per day in the office and traveling to events(11 total during the 6 month period) on the weekends. Sounds like boasting here, but really that is how I operate and I took the job very seriously, probably too seriously. The least this new management team and board could have done is allow me to present the out report in a professional manner. I was being paid very good money to apply the many years of business and triathlon experience I took with me to that office. Bottom line, that is my beef and I am sticking to it, with new resolve and moving on!

In regards to moving on, the new year is looking great, I have finished my new cd for my self- help seminar presentation for "Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone-For Success" and have some bookings already. While it is not up on my web site yet it will be or will be tied to the Mind Management book site. Stay tuned! Will also sign a new manufacturing representation contract with a manufacturer of earth moving equipment used in moving dirt for housing construction, and road construction. It will cover the entire USA, so look forward to this new challenge.

BSLT Triathlon Inc.( a non-profit 501(c) 3 Texas Corporation), presenter of the flagship Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman (70.3) Triathlon, the Buffman & Squeaky(they are sleeping right now) International Triathlon, the Tri Raider Sprint Triathlon and the new Women's only Iron Girl Texas Sprint Triathlon(Irving, Texas), has just announced the creation of the BSLT Triathlon Inc., Hawaiin Ironman Triathlon World Championship, Lubbock Area HALL OF FAME. The first 9(Marti Greer, Shanna Armstrong, Greg Hogan, Robby Timberlake, Tim Key, Jimmy Key, Wade Wilson, Kyle Ashley, Mike Greer) inductees will be honored on January 19, 2006 with a formal presentation.

There is some very good work going on by one of the USAT commissions to resolve the USAT/WTC separation and hopefully get these two organizations back together. It has some very positive vibes going on now and it is our hope that it will get done. We are so confident that it will get done that we are submitting our sanction requests for all of our races to USA Triathlon this coming week. We do not need this split in the sport and I feel that each organization, for the sake of the athletes and all of those affected, will want to resolve the differences in a postive way.

It is also my decision at this time not to resurrect the Universal Triathlon Alliance, as I announced in 2005. My feeling is that there is no reason to create more confusion and possible split in the sport. It will be my position to sit back and observe the current leadership and see what is being achieved and if the resolution can be accomplished between WTC/USAT. I do feel that the sport needs a true industry association, like any of the various associations throughout industry(Texas has over 600 such associations just for manufacturing alone), that aides and assists the race directors and/or athletes in multi-sport. With the growth of the sport in the past 10 years it has become impossible for the National Governing Body to do all it should for the entire sport. But, in the meantime I will observe and make my future decisions based on what the proof in the pudding reveals! At this time, with the alienation of 20-30,000 athletes as a result of the USAT/WTC split, I feel that ending this split will be one of the most productive things that can be accomplished for the sport in 2006.

There has been a big push in Lubbock, Texas to have the George W. Bush library built and stationed in Lubbock. The presentation was made a few weeks ago and it is our understanding that the city is a front runner(it should be for the $500 million promised) for the library. We have many people in the city who do not approve of this president or his actions(including me), and one has suggested that the library be based in Bagdad, Iraq. Thought this was a good idea myself!

After celebrating my 67th last December 16th(remember that) I have been ask what I do to maintain my health, still have hair that is not gray, etc., etc. Well here is my daily health cocktail: 7 scoops(very small scoops, in gatorade, organge juice, or whatever juice is available in the frig) of Ambrotose that builds and maintains the immune system(keeps the germs away and builds up the fort of resistence and you should stay healthy), Cardio Balance(Both of these products come from Mannatech), Silica 500 mg(for hair & nails), L-Arginine 1000 mg(prostate health and sexual health), Mega 3-6-9 1200mg(Borage, Flaxxseed, Fish oil) fights aches, pains, inflamation, etc., from Dr. Weir, and Dr. Sears. Race Caps(a Hammergel product I have been taking for 12 years).

GC for today: "Have you ever started a path? No one seems willing to do this. We don't mind using existing paths, but we rarely start new ones. Do it today. Start a path. Even if it doesn't lead anywhere." or "Be careful whom you befriend. They will eventually ask you for something." or "Cigarette companies market heavily to young people. They need young customers because their product kills the older ones. It is the only product that, if used as intended, kills the consumer." or "I've adopted a new lifestyle that doesn't require my presence. In fact, if I don't want to I don't have to get out of bed at all, and I still get credit for a full day."

Movies--Go see, "Rumor Has It", "Fun With Dick & Jane", on the list to see and will report, "Munich", "Brokeback Mountain", "Memoirs of a Geisha".

Off to ride the bicycle first, then the Hog,

Mike Greer


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