Friday, January 20, 2006

USAT RD Conference, Dr. Weil/Sears, Willie, etc.

Well I just returned a few days ago from the annual trip to the North for the USA Triathlon annual race directors meeting, now under the new euphemisms watch. For example, the race director meeting is now called a Congress, the discussions of the Rules is now called a Summit, the value of the USAT brand centers around Social Currency, etc. When I very diplomately (someone came up to me and said I was diplomatic in my questioning) pointed out to the new executive director, that the social currency of the Federation had been devalued as a result of the WTC/USAT split the room became very quite. He did give an answer but was extremely vague and nothing you could take to the bank(get it?). There needs to be a glossary of terms printed so we can recognize all of the new stuff. My hope is still that this split will be resolved, but knowing all of the players and behind the scenes "things" that are going on I really don't see it happening very soon. There was a report of the conference on by Jeff Henderson, that I think really said it all and was a very good report. If you happen to go that way look under "News and releases" concerning the "State of the Sport Report", I belive it was dated January 18. Overall the "State of the Sport" report was very well done, very fluffy, but did give some interesting statistics. The new organization of the national office staff was illustrated and statistics concerning membership was discussed, of course without mentioning the word "Ironman" anywhere in the presentation. Of course I am sure I was the only one that noticed this, but someone has to, guess it has to be me. I will say that the conference was very well done and was the overall the best I have ever attended(16 years attending most of them in that time frame), with a great location(I have always felt the conference needed to be in Colorado Springs), great venue, with great topics, very well planned and presented. There was some great innovation, moving out of the box things, that were part of the new leadership and new ideas concept. I commend the new executive director for this excellent conference and all of his staff.

Last night was a great night in Lubbock, Texas. BSLT Triathlon Inc., the non-profit 501(c)3 with the sole purpose of promoting the growth and awareness of the sport of triathlon inducted 9 Lubbock, Texas area athletes into the Ironman, Kona finisher Hall of Fame. The following constitutes the charter members of this select group: Shanna Armstrong(3 time finisher), Kyle Ashley(2 time finisher), Marti Greer(1 time finisher), Mike Greer(2 time finisher), Greg Hogan(1 time finisher), Tim Key(5 time finisher), Jimmie Key(2 time finisher), Robby Timberlake(1 time finisher), Wade Wilson(2 time finisher). These folks are all good family oriented people with the ability to balance their lives and achieve great things in life. We commend them and thank them for the continued support of the BSLT Triathlon Inc. events.

On with the rest of the world: The more I read from Dr. Weil, On Healthy Aging the more I feel what he is saying makes great sense. He just had an article on "Enhancing Spiritual Health" and his 3 tips were: (1)Pay attention to your breath. Breath is our link to the source of universal energy that circulates through us and connects us. Minding your breath is a way of expanding consciousness beyond the ego and of experiencing transcendence. (2) Connect with nature. Try walking or sitting in a natural setting, whether a city park, a nature preserve or your garden. Allow yourself to slow down, drop your usual routines, and absorb the influence of nature. (3) Create a list of people in your life who make you feel more alive, happy, and optimistic. Make an effort to spend more time with them. Our spiritual selves resonate with others, and that connection is healing. You can get all of this information from Dr. Weil, in complete detail, from: ( you don't have to buy anything, either). Another good source of information comes from a Dr. Sears @ He just had a very interesting report on the "Healthiest Snack Food" that I think you will find very interesting. It is about the simple little ole "walnut". A very healthy to eat critter that might surprise you on what it does for you. The walnut, as the report indicates, has that very important Omega 3 fat that promotes excellent health and he tells you how to shop for healthy walnuts. I have been receiving his reports for sometime and they seem to be vey good. Contrary to Dr. Weil, you can order products from Dr. Sears if you decide to. But, you do not have to buy anything to receive his healthy news tips.

Wouldn't be a complete post without some GC and Willie stuff: On Willie, while I have been told that with my beard I look like Willie, I didn't realize we had some other things in common. He has been married for 50 years(to my 42), but not the same woman(4 to be exact to my 3), he has a total of 7 children by all(to my 7 by all). What a guy! The thing that we really differ in is that I can't sing and he doesn't like beer! He is a former runner(I still run) and now plays golf a lot(I play twice a year), but I don't think he bowls(I bowl in a league every Wednesday). Maybe we will meet some day and trade stories!

George Carlin stuff: Euphemisms: Political-Interest Groups-"Liberals call it affirmative actions, conservatives are less positive. They refer to government-mandated quotas, racial preferences and unfair set-asides." or "Rich Republicans want to keep their money in the family, and so the Republican party began to call the inheritance tax(a pro-tax return) the estate tax(a neutral term), while they later changed to the death tax(an anti-tax term)." or "Liberals call it Global Warming, conservatives call it Climate Change." or "The energy criminals now refer to oil drilling as oil exploration. Instead of Mobil and Exxon, they'd rather you picture Lewis and Clark."

USAT euphemism of the week: What use to be" brand value "or "economic impact" is now "social currency."

Mike Greer euphemism description of the week: Swim, bike and run use to describe triathlon, now with the new sophistication of terms being used it is now, "the evolution of synergistic motion."

Off to do my presentation to the Lubbock Convention Bureau staff on, "Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone for Success." Will give all my readers a report on this during the weekend. Some of the terms being mentioned are, "the box", "pie of life", "the 10% plan for achieving success" and when "Plan B becomes Plan A."

Have a great weekend!

Mike Greer


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